What Questions Do You Have?

Is there anything feature-wise about the forum that you don’t understand or think should be clearer?

Is there anything you think should be included in the FAQs?

If so, drop it below and someone will answer it. Once we have a few answered, we will break this down into separate threads with “Solutions”


@erie-herps @spottedbull @ascended @westridge

I’ve tagged you guys as you usually have some great ideas and are not afraid to be critical


One thing that I think could be clearer is all of the options for posts.

I personally don’t think they are confusing since I’ve been using them for a while. But I think they could be very confusing for new users, especially those new to forums in general.

One thing I don’t think is necessary is the Add disclaimer option (7th option). I can see how it can be helpful for making morphpedia articles, but I think it just clutters the menu more and can make things more confusing.

I personally like menus, so I think that putting things into menus (one for text editing, another for pictures, and another for lists) would be helpful for me, but that might also make it harder to understand for new users.

Maybe something could be added in the settings where there are options for different levels of tools. For example the easiest would only have simple editing tools (bold, italic, hyperlink, image, list, and emoji) that is automatically the default for new users. But, as they go up in trust levels, more advanced tools are added (like image galleries, list options, GIFs, and hide details). There could be options in the settings where users can pick which level of tools they want, or maybe having a more advanced one (that adds things like underlines, strikethroughs, changing text size, and other tools). Maybe there could also be an option where users can select which tools they want and “customize” their option lists (I don’t know if this would get used enough to be worth the effort designing, but it’s just a thought I had).

One other thing is the carousel shows threads that don’t have photos in the first post (instead of the criteria being the #featured tag like it was, which worked great). This has been going on for a while, so I don’t know if there’s really a way to fix it or not. There also aren’t a ton of different pictures. It seems like there are only 2-3 dozen pictures that the carousel images are chosen from (always ones with a high like/view count)


In light of some of the recent content and contentious behavior, and since it has been a little while since I set up my membership here, is there a specific question/button that requires new members to actually acknowledge that they have read and understand the guidelines and terms of service? Maybe even a mandatory requirement every year or so that in order to continue to the community you first have to go back through and re-acknowledge that you have read and UNDERSTAND those two things?


Is there a way to show who is currently online and browsing the forum? Might be nice to see who is around.


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I’ve searched Meta and I can’t find anything that exists that we can use to do this, however, I have sort of worked out how to move the buttons around… I’ll play around with this.

This is driving me mad. I cannot work out why it is pulling images without the #featured tag. I have even separated the Portfolio images into their #portfolio tag incase own that was causing it… nope :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

As the forum accounts are directly linked to MorphMarkets accounts, users skip the forum onboarding process, so while there is a box to check on MorphMarket that you agree to the site rules and ToS, there is not one directly on this forum. With that said, the very first notification you get on here is from Discobot (that should have a better name) that informs you of our guidelines …

There isn’t at the moment, however, there is a plugin that does this that I’ll look into. The only way we would add this though is if people had the option to turn it off in their preferences.


The need to be able to turn it off I feel is a must. If you are into something and not wanting to be interrupted, then it would be a must option.


If you can do this, it would also be a cool thing for there to be a section inside the fourm (like a help center) that you can see what community support, staff and Admins on so that others know who is on so they can reach out knowing that they are contacting a person that should see it.

Just a thought :wink:


Just a thought.
When there are a lot of BAll python ID requests, all the intesting and long discussions get pushed to the next page or further. I am lazy like some people and don’t bother searching further for an interesting discussion to stimulate me to contribute.
Maybe Ball python ID could be in a separate section?
That way all the ID stuff is together for reference and other discussions are not lost in the mass of ID requests.


Most of the ID requests have the #identification tag on them. If you don’t want to see those you can choose to not see all threads with the #identification tag in your preferences. But, there are some non-BP ID requests in there that you would be missing.


Good point, Maybe I am wrong.
but remember I am ‘lazy’ I cant be the only one that just loads the ball python page and checks whats on it. Then moves on to other media if there is nothing interesting to me personally.
Also sometimes I do want to check ID requests.
Edit, also are not longer discussions with more views and comments more beneficial to the site and worth highlighting better?


I do think that there’s enough posts in the #ball-pythons category that sub-categories could be made. I do think it would be nice to have sub-categories for identification, care, and breeding (or anything, these are just examples).


How about a “consecutive days” countdown? I know there is a total days counter, but that consecutive days for 1 year earns a badge. And that can be incentive to keep coming back.


Lol, I actually love this idea. I tend to check my days visited via my profile.

I guess I have been here awhile lol :rofl:.


I’ve only got 539…


Only 381 here, but I did manage to snag this prestigious badge the other day

One of the 14 lol


Thats the one I thought I was gonna get, but I must have missed a day somewhere. Thats why I need the counter :laughing: !!


Heres a layout I’m playing with… i may be able to get such a counter on here


Very cool! Is that desktop or pc version?