What sells and what doesn't?

So everyone says to do whatever project you are most interested in and I completely agree with that. A person shouldn’t buy into a project thinking they are going to make big bucks just because its trending at that moment. But to what extent do you get to do what you want and have it sell? Because some projects are much more popular than others and if you want a hobby that pays for it self then shouldn’t do what you like but also what other people would buy at the same time? For me personally I dont mind if it pays for itself or if it doesn’t, it’s just something I really enjoy with or without the money. I’m interested to see what you guys have to say.

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We bought into the genetics we wanted to see and the combos we wanted to produce for ourselves. We toyed with the idea of keeping up with the trendy…but that’s virtually impossible to do. Even if you have a pile of cash. By the time that animal is mature enough to ethically pair up…you’re behind in that trendy game. We bought males and females that would work with each other no matter who we paired together and those pairings will produce some of those jaw dropping morphs and possibly something new. But only time will tell. Me personally I just seeing them thrive, watching for those signals from the ladies. Tail wags, scent marking ect. This is always fun to watch and we use it to successfully pair. All in all get into what YOU want to produce for you. Doing it for the money is always the wrong reason when working with any animal. As for what sells, it will sell sooner or later.


What ‘sells’ is always going to be subject to local market, economy, novelty, and quality. Piebald, albino, clown, leopard, and BELs (along with dozens of other genes) will always sell but the prices have come down significantly. If you price a 5-6 gene snake like a 2 gene it’ll usually sell quite easily, but was that what you wanted? Time has proven that people who work the traits they love (ex. TSK axanthics, OD, lavender albino, etc) will find success and fulfillment with their projects and they’ll ‘sell’–even normals still sell👍

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Is it not best to do a combination of the two? We have hundreds of different morphs an millions of combinations so there is so much to choose from and so many combinations you can go for, even if you only choose the ones you love. Then why not choose the one that you like and also sell? Of course you have to be excited about the babies you produce. But on the other hand, if you are a total fan of a gene and you get like 18 babies and no-one wants to buy them, you are stranded with 18 beautifull babies, who need housing, feeding ect. They become 18 beautifully adults, which take all your space and your money. I think your breeding plans stop there because your space is full and your money is finished.

I didn’t breed yet but for the past two years I bought several snakes with the plan to breed and I really made a plan with genes I like but also checked what sells. I visit expo’s, talk to breeders and check what I love to get but also what sells. I bought a pied het albino female and a albino het pied female, I’m planning on a pied het albino male next. Pied and albino always sell here and hets also, and I do love them. I bought several multiple gene males and females with the thought that the chance of normal babies is very small. Unfortunately normals almost don’t sell here and if you sell don’t be surpriced if they end up as cobra food, and please, not with my babies. and even when I want to prove a gene out I can combine them with a recessive gene. I will only get visualy the co-dom and dom genes but even the normals will be at least 100 het pied or albino and 50% het of the other one. This just for example. every snake I bought I think is totally beautifully, but I also have a plan with in combi with the others.

of course, if you have enough space and enough money you can only look at what is beautifully, but on the other side, I also have to pay the bills and be able to live here. If I don’t mind the money than how am I going to pay for a doctor if my snakes get sick, pay for the electric bill, housing where my snakes are also depending on. To me it is not money in the first place, I’m not here to get rich, and it is important to do something you love, but if I have to choose between two beautifull ones and one sells and the other not, I will for sure choose the one that sells because I am planning for the long run and not for one year of fun.

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The short answer is yes you need to focus on both. It’s cliche but true, if you’re independently wealthy and can pour your own money into a side hobby like this long term then fine, but if you want it to be sustainable definitely need to be planning on the business side as well.