What should i try to buy?

male cinnamon spinner ball python

male snow motley corn

? phantom dalmatian crestie

estimated prices after shipping: crestie: 105, cinny spinner: 250(?) snow motley: 175.

Phantom Dalmatian Crested Gecko

Snow Motley Corn Snake


Here’s a guide we wrote up on deciding what to buy - So you want to buy a reptile…(a guide)


The ball python looks great, but I love Cresties although doesn’t look like a phantom dalmation to me, looks to me like it’s more like a bi-colour with possible dalmation dependant on lineage but that could just be me looking on my phone.

You need to think of what your happy keeping, feeding and what enclosure size you are happy with etc.

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im okay with them all but the ball python seems friendlier, but he also looks pretty big, and i live in a trailer park

Ball pythons are amazing, we have 9 :snake:I think it’s best to work out what size enclosure you can fit as they require different size and shape enclosures

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If space is a concern, then a crestie would be the better choice imo. Since they have more upright/taller enclosures, you don’t have to worry about too much space being taken up lengthwise.


can they do good with a heated mat on one side (under the bin/tank) and is a large clear storage bin good for a bigger ball python? ive heard its okay but i wanted to ask

the corn snake is only about 24 grams, which could fit my space requirements. i also can make my closet a snake area (i have a medium sized closet that can fit a large storage bin.)

the snake might be 24 grams now, but it will grow to be much larger and that should be taken into consideration. my smallest adult male is 800 something grams, and that’s quite the difference.

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Cresties can live at room temperature, dependant on your rooms temperature. I keep mine around 18 - 28c with heat mat to the side as it can get a little cold at night.

Our ball pythons are heated with a ceramic heater in a Viv so not sure on the heat mat. However the room temp would need to be warm for the heat mat to be effective

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yes i know but if he does grow, i can always get a bigger tank by getting small jobs to earn some money

oh, i have a fan in my room, and my room probably stays around 70-75 degrees while its on

What’s the temp like when the fan is not on?

hmm, maybe around 80-82 degrees at most? or around 78-80 degrees

So a Crestie probably won’t require heat source but they need high humidity.

And I’d like to think a heat mat underneath a storage bin would keep the heat in, but I haven’t done this. You need to think about the size of the storage bin or enclosure as ball pythons like room in height and width. I’m not sure on corn snakes, as I don’t have any of them.

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the crestie is my favorite, and if i get the ball python, i can go and get a big storage bin. i live by a pet paradice and there are plenty of supplies there

I’m not sure on shops etc as I’m in the UK but I’ve added a pick of one of our ball python setup and one of our crested gecko setup to give you an idea on things they might need.

thank you for showing me a normal setup for the two, and you ball python is adorable!

The ball python is a spider. He is the only snake I don’t like to handle much as his got attitude :grin: probably due to his slight head wobble, he is my husband snake. The ball python you are looking at getting might also have head wobble as it’s in the spider genes.


this is what the desc says: Male cinnamon spider pinstripe! This boy has been eating all of his food and is very energetic. Spider gene, so he does like to move his head and loves to loop around arms a lot. ive also found another cool crestie for about 60 dollars