What to do if seller doesn't respond in a couple hours?

very disappointed

I dont think we are getting the whole story. The seller could have just sold to someone else but it could also be true that they changed their mind. If the seller just decided not to sell anymore than what is the problem? No money was given so no harm no foul. It happens more than you think and I dont think the person wanting to buy said animal should get mad because in the end no harm was done and it was the breeders animal to begin with.


Are there messages missing? All I see are initial enquiries from you and a fairly demanding follow up 2 hours later.


Yeah maybe, I’m not mad I don’t get angry over stuff like this. Just frustrated it’s happened 3 times today. But a message back would be nice either way. His snake was stunning too for his asking price.

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There is no messages missing my friend.

I didn’t mean that you were mad over it but in general I have seen people get upset over situations like this. And yeah it sucks to not get the animal you want but just give it time and I can almost guarantee you will find the exact animal or a very similar one in time. There are so many breeders on here that you will be almost certain to find it again.

Yeah I’m sure your right thanks for the message my friend

No problem my friend

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Then I don’t really get why you’re so upset about no follow up from the seller yet. It’s been 2 hours not 2 days, and on a Sunday which may be a day he’s chosen to take off to spend with his family.


I don’t like to be dishonest, I was confused because I didn’t try to haggle with price one bit. He had it priced very fair already.

Yeah maybe he did I’m not angry

Why are you telling me I’m so upset? It disappointed I might not get his good looking snake. That’s not so upset. I’m a friendly person.

It’s also Sunday. I notice that sellers seem to be slower on the weekends.


Yeah I’ll probably note that for future transactions, it’s my first time buying from the site.

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From personal experience, I always wait 24 hours to write a follow up if I don’t hear from a Breeder. You never know what could be going on from their end that they may not be able to respond right away. And some people consider this an “office” and leave it alone completely on the weekends. I’m sure you’ll hear from them tomorrow, don’t give up yet.


You are supposed to wait 48 hours for a reply. Patience is a good thing to have when messaging sellers online.


Yeah that’s understandable, I’m just excited it’s hard to be patient when your excited

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Yeah i normally buy from big breeders I keep forgetting the people on here are like small breeders that do it for the love of it not just for money


Trust me, I understand. I’m always checking my email to see if they’ve responded yet.

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Yeah this is gonna be my first time trying breeding and I’ve wanted to do it for a while now so it’s just that much cooler

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