What was your first clutch?

Taking it back for some of you wayyyy back. I always love seeing new breeders hatch their first clutch. I also envy them cause the genes they have access to now are super affordable. It’s crazy to think new breeders fresh into the hobby are capable of dropping worlds first their first year lol.
So let’s do a throw back post …

What was your first ever pairing ?
What were you trying to create ?
Did you get it ?

Mine was a male bumble bee to a 5500 gram normal female.
I wanted bees. I hatched 2 females. Still have my 1st morph ever Honey.


Mine was similar to yours! I started pairing in 2010 and got my first clutch in 2011. Butter Spider x Normal. She laid 10 eggs and I hatched 3 Butter Spider females, among others. I still have my first holdback from that clutch as well, her name is Willow.


She is a looker !!

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I started breeding balls back in 2002/2003. I had two clutches hatching at the same time.I bred a pair of het albinos, 6 eggs and hatched 2 albinos. Bred a male het caramel to a normal, 12 eggs all 50% pos het caramels. Sold it all though!


The only reason I got into breeding were Pied which were 10K and up in 2006 not something I could justify for a pet snake, so I bought a pair of het which were $1200 at the time and a few normal females.

First clutch was some poss het pied in 2008 and the first pied in 2009 and I still have that female (it’s one of those animal that will never go anywhere)

So that’s how it all started.


My first pairing never produced anything. Still can’t get that male to breed for the life of me. I love him, but man do I wish he’d lock up with pretty much any of my females.

So that was disappointing, but I had better luck with this guy:

Leopard het Pied x Spider het Pied. I was hoping for a Spider Pied. I didn’t hit it, but I got this lovely girl:

And she’s a keeper.


I love all the stories ! Deb pieds got me into keeping as well. I was in the same boat though 10k for one was way outta my budget.

Love your leopard. That is one morph I’m slacking on. Always wanted to add it , but never got around to doing it.


1st pairing was fire pinstripe to enchi yellow belly. She took her time and is due to lay this week. She tossed out the manual and marched to her own beat. I will let you know on about 70 days if i ger a single gene enchi, pinstrioe and hit the 4 gene. I figure I struck out on ky 1st eggs, so the 2nd will be a home run.

1st clutch was pastel to cinnamon. 2 pastels and a normal hatched a little less then a week ago. The mom of this clutch was text book all the way. No we did not get a pewter, not even a cinnamon. We were after a pewter.

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Congrats on your first clutch ! Sorry you missed out on the pewter, but at least you have some healthy babies, and possible hold backs. Always next year !!! Good luck on your 2nd clutch this year. Maybe the odd gods made you strike out on your 1st clutch because this one was gonna be the bees knees. Fingers crossed for you !

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I had my first clutch when I was 12 years old back in 2008!

Citrus Pastel x my first pet Normal Female

She laid 8 eggs and due to my inexperience and poorly constructed Hovabator setup I lost half the clutch… The pastel half! haha Got 4 beautiful normals though. That clutch will always have a special place in my heart.

That same female just laid 11 eggs for me this year. She’s 17 years old now and I love her to death!


My first clutch is cooking in the oven now! 6 eggs from pied x pastel pied


My first ever pairing was Enchi Lace to a huuuuge normal female. I was excited to get some lace females to start an army of them. (Lace is a gene thats one of my personal favorites) ended up with what I thought were 2 enchi lace females. Fast forward a year I paired the enchi lace male for a second time to a fire female … Hit on two super fires! Lol my enchi lace turned out to actually be Enchi fire


I’m still growing mine up, but my first will be pairing my banana clown male to my clown female, and a super pastel / lesser / yellowbelly 100% het clown female.


My first pairing was Pastel Clown x Bumblebee het Clown.

My first snake that hatched from that clutch? Male Normal het Clown. My bad luck followed me into snake breeding.

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@scosta56 my first clutch ever was a Male Banana Enchi Pastel Het GStripe to a Female Vanilla. The babies came out great!


First clutch for us was a mojave Enchi x special!

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Stunning clutch !!!

How did the odd gods treat you ?

Not too bad!
2 Enchi crystals
1 mojave Enchi
1 Enchi
1 special Enchi
1 special
And 1 dinker :joy:


Nice !!! They were kind to you lol.