What's the coolest project you're working on?

What’s the coolest projects you’re working on?
The projects I’m working on that I’m the most excited about is scaleless head candino pieds I have a male candy pied and two female scaleless head het albino het pied ball pythons



Cypress stuff. I’m raising a cinnamon cypress male and he is going to visit all the ladies next year.

I’m also going to start something with my high contrast albinos, probably start with making hets with my mahogany black pastel or desert ghost males and go from there.


Most exciting this year is making some DH Clown Pied after years of going back and forth with the idea I finally decided to give it a go and paired my Banana Clown female to my Pastel Leopard Yellow Belly Pied Male.


My one constant love has been Albino. So my Albino/Candino projects would have to rank “coolest” for me and over the coming years I will be working it into most of the other things I have my fingers in like Acid, Cypress, Jolt, etc.


Really excited about our Adder projects. We have Adder het Clown combos from 2018 and eggs incubating from Banana Adder x Tri stripe as we speak!

Can’t wait to start producing Confusion combos next year too, our male is almost up to size and should breed for us this winter.

Lots going on with our Tri stripes too :slight_smile:


I’m doing spotnose blades het clown.
Also trying to prove out a male I produced here two years ago is carrying hypo like I think his mother is.
Waiting for her to lay end of June. She just had her pre-lay shed on May 20th.
She is a spider het pied ph hypo.
I bred her son back to her this year so with a little luck may hatch out some hypo pieds and honeybee pieds. Fingers crossed


Really hoping to prove out a few dinkers and hopefully produce some nice dg combos


I think our most interesting clutches will be seeing what we can do with old questionable projects, such as Dan Wolfe’s old black lace and nova project. We currently have “het” BlackLace prob. Quake female that dropped 7 eggs from a SpotnoseLesser. Also have VanillaCream that should drop any day from a Nova YB along with a fire female building from a Pastel Nova.


go big or go home, always making the most amazing stuff over there.

Hoping to make some desert ghost stuff this year and some more crazy clown things.


Im growing my make banana black pastel lesser poss yb to breed to my sterling for next season. And after that I’m going crazy with the spider specter cinnabelly. The superstripe stuff is so limited and I cant wait to see what I can do with it by adding some strong pattern mutations in a couple years!! Hope you hit the triple recessive!!

I think you need to make some desert ghost clowns, double Recessive are fun :wink:


oh yeah cause i have such great luck with double recessives. Already doing double het desert ghost axanthic this year. must be gluten for punishment.


Next season i will be working hard on the lavender albino projects, but for now i building my clown stock and excited for a leopard clown in a clutch i have


Gotta be the Rio Clown for me :smiley: Or the Wookie project :stuck_out_tongue:


I am most excited for my clown project. I have a fire yb clown male I am pairing with an enchi het clown female and an od spotnose het clown female. I am also making some hets with a pastel green pastel female with that boy.



The coolest project we are currently working on is definitely the Desert Ghost Clown project. Here is a Lesser Clown Het DG Male we were lucky enough to produce in 2018. Fresh shed and sitting at 720 grams. We are definitely excited about the potential of this project!


Definitely it would be my Albino Clown Pied project and my Lightening Lavender Snow (TSK) projects. Should have a clutch of Albino DH Clown Pied’s as well as a clutch of Triple Het Axanthic(TSK)/Lavender/Pied’s next year so I’m in for the long run lol.



My black pastel clown stuff. Have an army of het and 66% het combos I’ve been raising up, and I hatched this girl over 2 years ago and she is closing in on 2000 grams now.


Cool projects @dragonsrahc!

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@bcconstrictors wonderful animal!