What's your biggest reptile?

What is the biggest reptile you own?

Whether it be a Cornsnake, Retic, Burmese, Monitor or Chameleon.

What is it like caring for them?
What’s the hardest task?
What you you enjoy most about them?
Would you consider another?

Banana :banana: for scale pictures welcome :joy:


My biggest common boa, blood, and BRB (in shed).


My biggest is my BRB…cleaning his enclosure usually takes me about an hour and a half, between removing all his substrate and hides, then washing it thoroughly twice, and then washing all his hides and disinfecting them and finally putting everything back together


My biggest snakes are my Argentine boa constrictors. The female is about 7 feet at 7 years old. I haven’t weighed her in a long time, but she must be at least 20lb. I find her easy to care for. She has a good temperament when she knows it isn’t feeding time, so it’s not hard to remove her from the enclosure for cleaning. I don’t handle her much the rest of the time. I use cage liners as opposed to loose substrate, so cleaning is as simple as rolling up the paper, disinfecting, and then cutting new paper and putting it in. She is my favorite snake, for her beautiful coloration, size and temperament. She also makes great babies and is a fantastic feeder. As for whether I’d consider another Argentine, I’d love to get into T+ and Maxx Pink Argentines, although the Maxx Pink line does not get as big. I could also see adding an additional normal female to make it a trio.


Caiman lizard.

Love: Her
Hate: Water changes, snails

The person I got her from when she was little swore “he” was captive bred and born. First trip to the vet had results of asymmetrical hip from an injury, small stomatitis, and who knows what they were feeding her (probably pinkies). The hip and mouth injuries were most likely from shipping from a farm. :expressionless:

I’m hesitant to mention her. People like to come out of the woodwork to tell you the antithesis of keeping them alive as “husbandry”… because they’ve shown up on YouTube a hand full of times. I’ve had someone compare her level of activity to a ball python and diagnose her with a disease over the internet. :laughing: This baby is 2 years old and I’m lucky to have vets in the area that have worked for a breeding and conservation program.

I would not consider owning a second one at this time. Her temperament is great and she’s beautiful but water :expressionless: snails :expressionless: general lack of/difficult to find in-depth experience/knowledge :expressionless: water :expressionless: farm raised :expressionless:

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Butters is my biggest ball python, weighing in at around 2700-2800 grams. She’s a big ol sweetheart.

She also makes for a fashionable scarf :joy:


What is it like caring for them? It takes a little longer to clean the boa enclosure than, say, a tub, but not much (I keep the blood in a Christmas tree tub and the BRB in one roughly the footprint of a V70). Feeders are larger but less frequent, hence less frequent cleaning is required. Handling really isn’t difficult compared to larger or more active species.
What’s the hardest task? Disinfecting the boa enclosures is a day-long chore.
What do you enjoy most about them? I love their power and ‘substance’: you know you’re holding a Snake with 9 ft and 30 lbs of boa in your arms.
Would you consider another? I have 5 common boas (Boa imperator) and 2 red-tails (Boa constrictor)… So absolutely!


My biggest right now is my male Bally Python. I’ve had him for about 3.5 years and he’s such a wonderful little man to work with and love.

Caring for him is honestly one of the best things I get to do with my time. He’s a wonderful and easy and so cute and stupid for a Ball, he’s my best boy.

Hardest task is probably getting him unstuck from weird places he goes into when he’s out exploring. Really though it’s deep cleaning his tank, which I do about every 2 months or so (regular spot cleaning keeps everything clean between deep cleans)

Really just seeing my boy happy and healthy makes me so happy. Also seeing our bond grow and how our personalities work together is also amazing.

I think I would get another Ball in the future, probably a rescue or retired breeder though. Right now my focus is on BCI’s and getting into breeding with them, so for now Roswell is the one of his kind tin our family.


Id have to say my girlfriend and trust me. Im sure shes cold blooded and reptilian. Not sure the exact morph. Think Lavender bp with dreads that are 3 feet long. Caring is like purgatory with all your crushed dreams dining exclusively on orange peels with a splash of paste of the tooth … Hardest thing is my diagnosis of selective hearing paired with boardline alcoholism which im medically incapable to listen or acknowledge sentences on par with a negative iq. The best things are, and lets be honest, the most acceptable thing i tolerate has been social distancing which i was blessed our almighty skydaddy during this pandemic. Actually now that i think of it. The best thing is im going to allow her to read this parody and laugh with each other and have it served right back to me and yes. I would consider another.


At first I thought there was a language barrier or something that was making me misunderstand… Nope :joy::joy: just pure brutality :joy: I really needed that :joy:

Nice snake by the way :blush::joy:


How did I happen to miss this thread? Definitely like this one for sure

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My biggest snake is Kai. He about 4’ 6’’

This a pic of his shed from today

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Just to help people out that arnt aware…

Morphmarket (marketplace) has a Resources tab that includes a Snake/reptile measuring tool

I think it is about as accurate as you can get.


According to that program, my Eastern rat snake Polaris is 6ft1in or 185cm. She is bigger than I thought. (◎_◎)


wow my 1 year old boa is 98 feet I think something went wrong!!!LOL


Dang almost as tall as me. I have some sheds saved from my largest female breeder that I used to have so I’ll measure her and see how big she was cause now I’m curious myself how big some of my animals were


I must request that you donate some of your height to me. I am down here at 4ft10in having to climb to get a bowl from the cabinet. :joy: That said I didn’t think she was that long honestly. Then again she is always scrunched up and doesn’t ever straighten out so it is hard to guess when using myself as a ruler.

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Haha yeah please take some of my height. Being 6’4 has its perks but also its downs lol. Yeah normally you dont always get a good idea of how big some snakes really are. One of my king snakes was about 5’10when fully straightened but you would have thought she was around 3.5 to 4 feet. I think it’s harder to gauge length of a slimmer bodied snake than opposed to something girthy like a blood python or ball python.

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