Whats your next ball python morph your planing on? And Why?

Whats your next ball python morph your planing on? Why?

For me today. its a leopard het Clown.

Why? Leopard het Clown can look as good or the same as a Clown, but cheaper than a clown and I like basic leopard too. so How can I loose?
And with a het clown I can get also get some some clowns and leopard clowns or banana clowns orbanans clown and leopard.
Also I have a het Clown banana that I can use to get full clowns.

Leopard het Clown


Pastel leopard—


Boring to me straight clown, unless it comes out combined with with my coral glow.

I could even get clown+leopard plus coral glow/banana.
To me this plan is maximum pleasure, what I like and expensive genetics without the cost.

Besides- as my alien head thread shows my love for alien heads, all of have a massive potential for amazing alien heads :smiley: :alien:
Show me your Alien heads


I just got back into keeping BP’s not quite two years ago. I never seen all the different morphs untill then. Wow!
Over the past year I start buying babies and one sub adult female. She’s Enchi Blade 66% het Clown.
I’m set to produce Clown and Pied my first and second year(s) of breeding.
I want to add one more recessive to my collection. Desert Ghost
I love the brightness that certain co-doms mixed with DG produces. I want to work Orange Dream into the mix along with Pastel, Fire and Yellowbelly.
DG itself is an awesome morph but adding brightening genes produces some incredible looking offspring.


For me its a Disco.

Went to pick up some Albino Pied stuff last week and whilst i was there got to see a good collection. Lots of cool stuff but the one thing that really stood out to me was the Disco Inferno.

Vailla Creams are ok but dont really give me that wow factor … but the disco inferno that i was shown i absolutely loved!


Awesome choice! I’ve been slowly purging all of my fire gene carriers and replacing them with disco and vanilla. Disco infernos are awesome! Here’s a picture of my adult female super pastel pinstripe disco!


Pixel my disco fire cinnamon was my very first bp!

Such an astounding combination imo


Smoke show! :fire::fire::fire: super nice! Love it!


@saleengrinch thank you! He was the snake that started it all.
It’s so crazy to me that he was only 300 grams when I got him and he’s now over 1000

Also I forgot to say what genes I’d like to add lol
I’d like to get a banana fire male or female to pair with either my pastel disco female or Pixel. Banana disco infernos are gorgeous!


I’m hoping to do a butter fire calico coral glow pairing with my disco female at some point!


The possibilities are face melting lol :joy:



There he is! Also happens to be the smallest hatchling I have ever had!


Probably puzzle, bamboo, or razor. Also, have a dinker male that I am going to be working with, he’s got a cool mutation that has been run through a few babies now and should make a nice staple in the pattern disruptor category.

Can’t wait to bring over $5k - $10k in imports next year, I have a lot of ideas and not enough snakes, LOL

That’s going to be an amazing clutch!! You’ve got to post pics when it happens!


I’m currently in the market for a Chocolate Desert Ghost Het Clown male to breed to all of my clown stuff to eventually make DG Clowns

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I shouldn’t have made this thread, I thought i was decided but you people are making me want more and more. :roll_eyes:

Me too after a couple of decades. The variety and paint pallet is amazing. I would have never expected so many morphs in that time. Still trying to get my head around it.

That would be amazing, especially as clowns can darken a lot with age normally. (I like bright colours)

Sounds interesting. Haven’t seen many of those combos.


that sounds like a psychedelic look. :crazy_face: would that be a worlds first?


All I can do is imagine what a Chocolate Banana DG Clown will look like. Hope to produce one here in the next 3 years

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I want to add some chocolate to my collection

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I actually just purchased a superfly het clown he shiped today and I will be picking him up tomorrow I hope to find a lemonblast enchi clown or something similar to that to Breed him too I’ve recently fallen in love with superfly clown enchis and I can’t imagine how cool they would look with pinstripe


I just added a couple things to my collection last weekend actually…

I added an:

OD Enchi het pied Pos het Lav female

Ivory female

And a potential Cheetah pied female!

But speaking on disco— I’m hoping to hit some Sulfur cream clown stuff really love the fire complex :black_heart:


Hi and welcome to the community.

Excuse my inexperience, whats this,

looks like a peaky blinders, with or without the hat

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That is a possible pastel yellow belly leopard spider pied. Am absolutely gorgeous snake, as I like the huge white stuff lol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: