Where do you bulk buy your feeders?

Where is the best place to purchase frozen thawed of multiple sized rats in bulk quantities?

I would say a local breeder. There are companies online that sell in bulk but then you have to pay for shipping/dry ice

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I personally go to American Rodent Supply for my feeders. They have good pricing, consistent sizes, and good quality rodents. I have the advantage of them being in my state so I can drive to em when I need to stock up. They have flat rate shipping from what I know though.

I get all of my rodents from rodentpro.com, and I’ve always been happy with the quality. Also, they are never out of a size.



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I second Rodent Pro. They are usually at my local shows to save on shipping. But I’ll gladly pay shipping like I have during Covid because they do offer a premium product in my opinion.
And they have top notch customer service incase your shipment is lost or not delivered on time.

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Been doing Rodent Pro for 3 years and never had a problem.

I will like to say that I am considering switching to rodent pro. For no apparent reason then if I was to have to order rabbits.

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I’m happy with rodent pro. Good product, well packaged and always arrives frozen solid.

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If you have any breeders nearby then chances are you have a feeder breeders nearby.
Check the Morphmap out and see if you have anyone local you can message.

The only reason I recommend local breeders over buying from stores is that you get the opportunity to make a connection with another member of our hobby, which in turn might lead you to amazing deals.