Wholesale Tips?

So, question.

I’ve been having trouble selling my baby ball pythons. I suspect it’s mainly because I produced “undesirable” traits (normals and bananas that are carrying single hets) and likely the economy. Might have something to do with the slander problem from the local breeder I was dealing with too, I’m not sure.

I decided to try wholesaling the normals and bananas, but I can’t seem to find anyone that’s interested in them. I’ve posted on Facebook, MorphMarket , and even reached out to some breeders I know that do buy/trade animals. They either didn’t need any more ball pythons and one just left me on read.

Does anyone else have any leads on who I can possibly reach out to? I don’t have any issue holding onto the babies and caring for them, but I’d like to make room for my growouts and for next season. I also need space to build and set up more rat racks so I can start breeding more rats for feeders. $100 a week for rats is getting expensive already.

Of course, I’ve learned from this, and am going to be MUCH more selective on what I pair together in the future. I’m not breeding any of the normals or my butter female, just the 2+ gene females with 2+gene males.


I would also love some info on this. I’ve tried to look into wholesaling but it almost seems like it’s a secret those that use it don’t share it so readily. I’ve got some that I’ve been advertising on Craigslist and MM since late may, and I’ve managed to actually sell a few. But wholesaling would be a nice option.

Best of luck with this!


I don’t really think it’s a secret most people who do don’t talk about it out of fear of being Ridiculed or Criticized. Few tips first your going to have trouble being successful at wholesaling if it’s your plan c or oh crap moment.

First you need to look at places that buy wholesale lots you probably won’t have much luck at local shops if you haven’t established a working relationship. Look to large online retailers this is where they get there stuff. Two most places aren’t going to want just your normals or single genes your going to have to give them some decent stuff as well otherwise they will buy someone else lots with nicer stuff. 3 your going to have to have a decent lot size almost all places want larger lots not four or five normals and single genes.

Wholesaling only works if the buyer is going to make money they aren’t if they are only getting normals, hets, and common single genes. Also make sure you are actually asking wholesale type prices. And finally if your not selling the animals you are producing probably concentrate on that before purchasing or producing anymore animals. It can become quickly overwhelming/ financially suffocating having a large number of animals you can’t sell or have trouble feeding.


@saleengrinch is absolutely right, with the amount needed and you will get about 1/2 if not a little less once shipping negotiations are done off retail prices. I know northwest zoological supply used to buy wholesale ball pythons. I do not know there status this season, (I haven’t done wholesale like that in years) but you can check with them. Sometimes other classified sites have wholesalers advertising snakes wanted, check around them but be careful, with scams. Also if it is just a handful or just lower end stuff you can check with local reptile pet stores. They though usually want to give you store credit and around 1/2 of retail prices as well. I really don’t do this a lot, but every season I take a few to a reptile pet shop that I know and trust the people to get store credit. I do this because I hate breeding mice and depending on the time of year I can be short live rats as well. I just use the credit for free feeders. I know it’s not the best scenario for you but, hey if I don’t have to pay the rising prices for feeders, I am happy😆 and so are my snakes!


This is probably the most common mistake I see with people trying to wholesale. Somehow they have the idea that “wholesale” price is ~70% of what they think average retail for the morph is. Reality is that wholesale is maybe 30% on a good day. And unless the het is something big (like het Monsoon) then it is not really going to factor in

If you have a large lot of normals, you might get $7 a head. Bananas, maybe… $15-20


Fair enough! I was pricing mine at ~50%, most of the lot being banana het pieds and normals either het for pied or VPI axanthic. I wonder if I further need to reduce that.

I might just have to bite the bullet and throw some of my higher end babies in there as well to offset the number of “plain” babies — some BELs, a banana het VPI female, and a pastel banana yellowbelly male.

The entire lot would be around 20 snakes at that point.


Only 20 animals? its not alot in my weak opinion. Personal I would still try for a few retail, thats happening for me with a little bigger numbers than 20, maybe try both and mix it up, but I am in a different country with maybe a bit different situation.
Also another option. There is a few huge shops here (UK) at least that will take snakes, feed them and take them on for no sale or return basis, with a better than 70% reduction (get paid on sale only). Risk is if it does no sell no money, but no food costs and little fanatical risk to the shop and for me a better percentage.
One thing I do different though is no normals at all, hets or multiple hets at least.
Just an opinion…

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Yeah, I do have all of them still listed at a retail price, I’ve had a few more people showing interest now that I’ve spammed posts in local Facebook groups.

And none of my babies are plain normals, they’re all at least het pied or het VPI axanthic. Next season I’m not breeding any of my normal females, and may reduce my pairings down to a few select ones that I want to do to further my breeding projects.

I’ll have to see if any of the local pet stores do wholesale or if they can arrange a similar No sale/return basis, those are the only ones I haven’t checked yet.


put together “lots” with high end animals and lower end at a price the buyer can make money.


If you had a show coming up near you I’d tell you to vend. I sold out of all my single gene animals and the only banana I had.

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I’ve vended at two shows recently and only sold one snake between the two. Maybe my setup isn’t interesting enough, I really don’t know.

Is there anything I could maybe do better with it? :thinking:


Your setup actually looks cute and good! It could be two things; prices or the attendance at the show :see_no_evil:


Gosh I remember shows. I didn’t always make a profit after the table price, but it was so much fun and I made a lot of connections with future customers and other breeders and stall holders, that was the best benefit for me. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy :slight_smile:

On the sales point:
The set up looks fine, but you might want to try a few things that helped me in the past, just an idea no guarantee.

Don’t know if you did this, but the interaction got me future sales when people could see my quality combined with interaction and a business card.

Also Visual displays helped interest in my stall and the time people spent there.
Like a couple of larger vertical posters on a board of my different breeder adults with some information that were not for sale but gave an idea of what was to come in hatchlings, or just for visual interest only to get them to spend more time at the table, ask questions and meet me and maybe chat…

I even had the odd adult not for sale as an added attraction. I even let a few people hold one trusted snake which kept their attention and drew others attention. (not sure the holding is still allowed)

After all that, that show did look quiet with very few customers in the pictures. Keep the faith, it will come.

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Another thing could just be quantity of inventory? Every snake you have is another roll of the dice that someone wants it? I’ve never done a show like this so I’m just guessing really.

Do people try to advertise and make sales on their online-only inventory at these shows?

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This was during setup so the only ones there were just the vendors. There was quite a huge turnout of people so that wasn’t the issue :joy:

I kinda suck at talking to people I don’t know, so my lack of interaction might be an issue. Rather, my interaction levels with people approaching my table are wildly inconsistent because I get stuck on knowing what to say.

I could set up some more visual stands like that, and maybe get a nicer table cloth. I thought about getting those fancy display cases too but unsure how necessary they actually are.

I definitely need to take snakes that people can hold, I did take some of the fancier siblings of some of the babies and one of my hognoses which got a lot of attention.

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Typically people at shows are bringing most if not all of their inventory to set out on a table. I definitely didn’t leave any at home nor do I have any “online exclusives” for sale


Just one opinion, but personally interaction needs to be balanced, some people might be put off by too much interaction and pressure, others might like some space to look without being pounced and then decide on the level of interaction.
I suggest, make it interesting and respond to those that ask.
Remember, they are just like us, a bit different. :roll_eyes: or they would not not want a reptile but a puppy and no other animal


Yeah, I’ve had people try to pressure me into purchases and it made me super uncomfortable— so I typically let people know to ask if they have any questions, and answer them when they do ask. Or I ask them how their day is going. Nothing too over the top :joy: Though sometimes I don’t say anything because social anxiety decides to be unhelpful

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Poking back into this thread here. I was able to sell pretty much all of my hatchlings at the show I just vended this past weekend, after making some adjustments with my pricing to better match the market. I also did a decent sale on them so that probably helped quite a bit.

Sometimes ya just gotta be observant of the market (checking MorphMarket is a good start) and be patient!

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