Who's working with pure P. emoryii?

Here are recent pics of my 2: Snow and Poss DH Snow


How do you tell a P. emoryii from a P. guttata or a mix of the two? Is there some defining trait or feature to tell them apart? Very nice snakes :blush:

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@beast-blade-wolf_987 P. emoryi have more and thinner dorsal blotches (48-65[58] vs 34-47[38] & 9-15[12] vs 13-19[15]). P. emoryi tends to have a larger, more offset head and tend to be more robust. Additionally, they don’t usually have solid black outlines on the dorsal blotches like P. guttatus. Here’s a WT P. guttatus for comparison.


Intergrades at any level are difficult to identify, and some hybridization happens in the wild in Arkansas (S), Louisiana (NW), and Texas (E) where the ranges overlap. Generally, a hybrid is going to have a mix of traits and not quite fit either type perfectly.