YB Dreamsicle and Pastel YB Dreamsicle Females after 2nd shed

In 2019 @jkobylka posted his analysis of dreamsicle colors in the MorphMarket forums and said this:

"Brightest as babies

  1. Pastel YB Dream (less orange as baby, but this is the best looking adult Dreamsicle hands down!)
  2. ODYB Dream
  3. YB Dream (only 10% less bright than with OD)
  4. OD Dream
  5. Dream
  6. Pastel Dream (more yellow as baby, but way brighter colors as adults than reg Dreams)"

When I read that I knew it would be a great goal to create my own one day. On a hiking vacation to the mountains I stopped by Justin’s facility on the way home to Florida and bought my first ball python, a YB Het Lav female, the mother to this clutch. I later purchased the father, a Pastel Dreamsicle, also from Justin. I was lucky to get such exceptional versions of both combos from the best ball python breeder. With the pairing I had a 1/8 chance of hitting the Pastel YB Dreamsicle. She produced 5 viable eggs and when Justin confirmed the results for me I was beyond thrilled to have hit the all gene Pastel YB Dreamsicle that I had been “dreaming” about since I began this journey.

Since Justin’s analysis/thoughts in 2019 we’ve learned how great other genes stack into dreamsicle. Asphalt/gravel, Enchi, Confusion, OD combos, etc. So many roads to take from here and continuous room for further improvement.

I’m so happy to produce this awesome girl, a backbone recessive combo to grow my collection. I can’t wait to watch her develop and just get better and better.

I also produced this YB Dreamsicle female. I would have been happy to produce a single YB dreamsicle, only had a 1/4 shot at doing so. Still can’t believe I made two!


Man the colors on these are freaking popping! Super nice!


I love how the heads look! The colors are so bright!

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Thanks guys!

Interestingly YB tends to create deeper headstamp color right in the middle while pastel tends to erase it. In the Pastel YB version the genes are fighting against each other for headstamp dominance heh!

Here’s just the pastel version head for reference. Outside color washes out a bit and this was just after his first shed (other two above have been through 2 sheds), but you can see how the center lacks that bright spot: