YB Pastel Dreamsicle Clutch

Yellowbelly Pied Het Lavender x Pastel Dreamsicle

Both parents from Justin Kobylka.

Early observations I think I hit on:

  1. Pied (100% het lav)
  2. YB Pastel Pied (100% het lav)
  3. Pastel Dreamsicle
  4. Pastel Dreamsicle
  5. YB Dreamsicle

I’m sure #2 is a YB but not 100% on pastel yet. #3 and #4 dreamsicles might be yellowbelly, hopefully more apparent after their first shed, harder to see with pastel in the mix. #5 in interesting because its upper pattern looks almost like a standard lavender albino but in the lower half it turns to more typical pied/dreamsicle saddles. More intense color and pixelated edges tells me that one is likely YB.

I’ll have a much better idea of things after they shed. I’ll get some better photos for you guys then as well.


They look so cute :heart_eyes:


Oh damn! This needs some type of explicit content warning on it!
You can’t just drop this filth and think it’s OK, it’s not… and I’m sure making us this jealous is against at least one rule!!!


Edit: I actually challenge anyone on here to show me better looking clutch photos than these.


There’s really only one contender to this. It’s debatable which one’s better.


@erie-herps I knew 100% that this was going to be the reply :rofl:

You’ve done fine work here @biologicalcanvas


Hah, thanks so much guys :slight_smile: .

Justin’s work with the dreamsicle combo is what inspired me to get not just into this particular project but ball pythons as a whole.

I’m blown away I was able to produce such magnificent animals so early in my breeding “career”. Lots of research, quality care, smart investments, and a little luck go a long way!


You should be proud of yourself!

Do you plan on going the Enchi Dreamicle route with these guys or do you have other ideas?


Thanks man!

I have an OD enchi yb leopard pied coming in from the great wizard of Ozzy boids. I hope to plug that boy into my pastel dreamsicle female that’s ready to breed now to make some crazy multi gene pied hets. His colors are unlike any pied I’ve ever seen. Next level dreamsicles right around the corner!


I don’t even need to look them up… I know exactly the ones your talking about :exploding_head: you’ve got damn good taste!


I can’t wait to see the results from that and other multi-gene dreamsicles. What you’re doing now’s amazing…


Justin is whom I have been looking at buying my first Ball from the Orange Dream YB Pied is so awesome looking he produces. I am A Boa lover but love the orange you can only find in Balls


First one to shed!

I snapped a not so great photo really quick. I like to keep stress down on my little ones before their first meal. I wont sex them until after they eat as well. If this one is a female it’s definitely staying here!

So I know this one for sure is YB but I suspect it has pastel as well (+100% het lav, woohoo!). What do you guys think?


My bet would be yellowbelly pastel! Super nice! I love how there is a lot of white but not huge white sections! The white is creeping in lol!


I love that the tip of the tail is white :grin:


Thanks guys.

Yeah I looked at quite a few photos of other pastel YB pieds. Some are VERY pastel looking. Others not so much. Mine seems quite bright and high quality. I saw a couple geneX ones that are similar but outside of that not many this nice. Doesn’t surprise me with the quality of the parents.

A second just shed out. Very high pattern standard pied (het lav) but man these have some nice color eh?


I may be in the minority here lol but I’m a huge fan of low white pieds. That one is actually my favorite of the clutch!


Between having an almost all white pied versus completely patterned I’d take the latter for sure! I think my favorite pattern distribution is something like 70% pattern with nice breaks in-between. The yb pastel pied is very close to ideal IMO.

I’m not so sure I believe the idea that the ratio of pattern in pieds is entirely random. Justin (jkr) has stated he specifically tries to make higher patterned ones and tends to achieve that in his offspring. My previous clutch was with the same father (from jkr) but different low pattern mom (not from jkr bloodlines), the results were a mix of patterns. This clutch both parents were from jkr, both high pattern, and every baby came out with high pattern. Doesn’t seem very random to me although my control group here is quite small.

Still anxiously waiting on the 3 dreamsicles to shed out. I can’t wait to get a look at them and see if I can confidently identify yb and pastel, really hoping for a yb or two!


I hope you get a couple! That’s going to be tough to identify for sure. I unfortunately hatch mostly high white pieds but I have a clutch from a het pied het gcr axanthic female that I’m hoping to get my elusive low white pied. About 20 or so days I’ll know!


Post Shed!