Your favorite personal snake

Do yall have a favorite snake in your collection? Not a species, but one snake whose personality just clicks with you?

Mine is Brenton. 1 year old superconda het snow male.


Hes a pretty calm boy and I adore his shading.


I don’t like admitting I have favorites haha but I would have to say my little guy Apollo.
He was my cousins snake originally. But he prolapsed 4 times before he turned 1 year old. Each time he prolapsed I would take care of him, whether that was giving him sugar soaks while trying to get him an emergency vet appointment, to giving him shots and oral meds almost every day.

Because of all of this he is still very small. He could only eat pinkys for a long time but now he’s up to eating pups. And he hasn’t prolapsed in a little over a year now!

He’s also the nicest snake ever! You can sit there petting his face and he doesn’t mind at all.


That’s tough! It would be easier for me to pick a least favorite, haha!

Just based on looks, this little guy is probably my favorite:

But personality-wise, I would probably have to go with this guy:

And now I just realized I haven’t taken recent photos of him, but he’s been such a pleasant snake from day one. Very active and curious and seems to be one of the rare specimens that seeks out attention. When I open his enclosure, he voluntarily climbs out. He has never rattled or really tried to get away. He’s so calm and sweet that he actually is a super slow eater! He doesn’t strike his food, just calmly takes it after a few minutes of investigation.


Definitely Kai as he is my first baby. But both of my boas are the best! They both don’t have any head shyness at all. They are awesome :sunglasses:


I’ll have to get up-dated pictures of Clive, my Blood Python. He’s my favorite. But he’s in shed at the moment.


I love all my animals but personality wise I’d have to say Pepper, my young watermelon conda female western hognose. She’s very outgoing. Will come over when I slide her bin out and call her name and will just let herself out onto your hand and chill with you for hours at a time. Though when feeding time rolls around she’ll come shooting out of her bin, mouth agape swinging around hoping a cheese boy just falls into her open mouth :joy:

Looks wise I’d have to say my young female lavender western hoggie Kinoko. She’s just got the most adorable little face and her colors in person are amazing. (My 5 year old niece that’s really nervous around anything that’s not fuzzy described her as “the most beautiful snake I’ve ever seen. She’s pink and blue and purple and white and she’s got big eyes. I am afraid to touch her but she’s the best”) :joy:


I’d have to say rosalie, our FLRT suriname boa. She has the most docile disposition and is always generally curious. I love all the snakes in our collection but rosalie is the favorite


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That’s tough! It would be easier for me to pick a least favorite, haha!
Oh man, me too! This is kinda like asking, “Who’s your favorite child?” Lol I will answer this question the same way I answer the favorite kid question. I love them all. Right now, I happen to like these best because…

I’m gonna show long term favorites since I’ve loved them longer. They’ve all been part of educational endeavors as well as beloved pets and breeding animals.

First is Dazzler, Amel Cube Stripe het Anery. She’s first because she was my first BrightHope baby.

There’s Odin, my first Caramel Ghost Stripe. I bought his parents as hatchlings in hopes of producing his morph. They were visual Caramel het Anery, Hypo, Stripe,and unexpectedly also Amel. Against all odds, their first clutch included this guy. At the time I believe he was the second one. (His sire was the first.) He’s has a fantastic disposition from the beginning. His babies are virtually all the same.

And there’s Artephius, Upper Keys Diffused Caramel het Amel, Motley or Stripe. He was produced by Rich Zuchowski of Serpenco, and was kept as a breeder. When Rich retired in 2009, I immediately grabbed this boy. He’s always been a dream to handle and amazingly handsome. He’s definitely aged better than I have! :joy:


Hands down my dear sweet Mango girl. She’s got a great personality, loves to come hang out with me, and is the mother of my adorable little clownlings


This gal has to be my favorite! She’s been on a huge diet and is getting to a healthier weight. But still super huge for a ball python! I have quite a few of her babies as well!

I have had her for forever and don’t think I could ever part with her lol


This is Hesparis, a 10 year old female OS Black line Argentine Boa Constrictor. She is totally pure and tracable back to the only ever legal importation of Boa constrictor occidentalis in the US, back in 1987. I have had her since she was a little worm, and she is now probably pushing 8’ and 30lbs. She is the longest standing member of my collection, along with her mate, and I have managed to hang on to her through an ugly divorce and many other setbacks in my life. She has produced three litters and I intend to breed her again in a could of weeks. In addition to being big and gorgeous, she has a great temperament. I will never sell her.

I have a 2020 holdback female from her so that her genetics will continue in my collection.


That’s a pair of boas I truly regret selling. I love Argentine boas.


They are my favorite subspecies of my favorite species. I finally got ahold of a pair of T+ Albinos this year. I can’t wait to produce more of them.


My carpet python because he is my only reptile


By looks, this girl. She’s a nightmare to work with though and she’s just over 10 feet nowadays.


Sjes gorgeous @chilton_430 what is she exactly?


Can’t do it. But if I absolutely had to. Probably TAS. His name is an acronym for That A Hole Snake but the attitude just gives him more character.


He literally glows! Beautiful retic man


Talk about an amazing project! I’d be happy to get a hold of a nice original female one day.


Thanks! He’s an Orange Glow Tiger.