Your Rarest Cresties! 💎

Currently, it’s my blackjack crested gecko, Irwin.

I can’t wait to get his new enclosure finished! I need a few more things though.


He was only $175, but I only have two reptiles and the other was $125, so he’s my most expensive.

My most expensive reptile so far is Naruto. He came over from Poland :blush:


What genes are in him?

Red Phantom lilywhite with red Dalmatian spots :blush:


The difference between his fired up and down is crazy! For my crestie, he’s an olive color when fired down and the colors in the picture when fired up.

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It’s a big difference, he also goes an orange which is when he starts to fire.
Should’ve called him Chameleon :joy:

I love the black, makes the pinning pop :star_struck:


He is a beautiful one! What makes it even better is I was able to buy him locally!

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I love Naruto :star_struck:

And I love dark base Cresties :star_struck:

My most expensive is Milkyway (produced by Cotswold Geckos), his a tricolour Lilly White with blush. Dad is Atom from Lilly Exotics & mum is Money Pennie from Crimson Cresties.

His such an amazing character. I also have 2 soft scale Cresties that I am looking forward to breeding. They are quite rare (in the UK at least).

I dred to think how much I’ve spent on Cresties :flushed::shushing_face::relaxed:


That’s lucky too!
Sometimes you’ve got to search for really nice ones!

My first ever Crestie Kaneki, was only Bristol so not too far from me. But when I brought him I didn’t know much about lineage etc was just happy to have a tricolour as i’d been looking for a long time! I brought the 2 off the woman, both ended up males so one of them went to a friend who’s still got him and breeding him too. So Kanekis nephews and nieces are out in the world along with his daughters and sons :blush:
But knowing about lineage now I was bloody lucky to get him as his dad was over from the US (Creepy Exotics, Barb Gebert) She has some of the best tricolours out there and nothing lasts when you for sale, still trying to get another haha. So I was lucky getting mine, even with not knowing what the woman was telling me would now mean so much when breeding! :four_leaf_clover:


I found pics on my old laptop of my first Crestie (a long time ago) I’m going to get the pictures off of it at some point (it’s a very old laptop)


This boy! Cannot wait to see little mini hims! Hopefully you get some of the orange colour from gingerbread latte! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We got our tricolour Lily at a cheap price, the breeder took money off as a bit of a mistake was made, when she arrived she wasn’t the same as the images and turns out she had been sending me images of his brother instead :woman_facepalming:t2:
But then with the bright red and orange she has, none of the other ended up like her so I suppose it was meant to be! :laughing:
She’s been paired with our red quad Nelson (Reece hates the name haha) and by looks of it already thrown out eggs as she was laying infertile anyway, just so happens the next ones out we’re luckily fertile!

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Oh yes do share!! I love seeing what started the ‘addiction’ off! :star_struck:

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We were trying to work this out the other day… HAHA. Don’t even check… My gosh I didn’t know I would love a reptile so much to spend that on them all :joy:

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I have a spreadsheet with it all noted down, but I still won’t total it :sweat_smile:

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Oh no… Yeah I wouldn’t :sweat_smile:

I’ve never wrote down prices when I buy them, but I know what cost what, I know all the lineage of them all, even babies, seems I have a good brain when it comes to the reptiles!
Reece doesn’t even remember his own ones half the time :joy:

Luckily you’ll make it back when you rehome any babies, so it’s not too bad. Just takes time for them to lay, hatch and be ready to go.
Well for me it does since I hold them for so long. Still struggling with who’s staying though. 3 are for sure for now… But I love them all :weary:

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That’s the thing, I’m going to struggle to let them go so might not make the money back lol :grin:

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Haha you’ll be storing Cresties everywhere!
Depending on sex, my little phantom who I’m just in love with is staying, and the 2 Reds since reds change so much.

It’s hard. A woman was asking for help on a chat yesterday as she’s struggling to decide who to keep also! :sweat_smile:


It’s tough a decision! Hubby will get me to say no to some :grin: his the level headed one when it comes to pets.

Here are my 2 soft scales


So not necessarily my favorites, but my rarest are probably my het axanthics.