Your Vivariums and Habitats

I can sit looking through Vivarium ideas for hours on end. Which gave me inspiration to build a new one for Sid, my two year old corn.

I am also about to take delivery of a royal who also has a custom viv, but thats not quite finished so ill post that when its done!

Lets see your setups!

And the Royals is this, but imagine two hides and absolutely loads of tree cover too. And a substrate, obviously. He’ll be here in a week or so.


This is my most recent diy / 3D background build, finished in late 2017. 75g Razorback musk tank



Thats unreal, top work.

Come on guys surely this place isnt full of people who keep Royals in boxes!?

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It isn’t cost effective (or even really affordable) for breeders to keep their snakes in tanks. It also takes up way too much space. It can have the possibly of stressing the snake out since they enjoy being in an enclosed space, much like they would be in the wild in termite mounds. If you only plan on keeping a couple pets then tanks can be used, if you give them a ton of cover and make sure it stays humid in there. They aren’t a species that likes basking or even light for that matter, seeing as they are nocturnal, so it isn’t necessary use a heat lamp. On top of that, I have seen plenty of burns result from using lights, especially with a cage over them like you have. I will avoid them like the plague because of the risk. That said, I am going to be using a tank with a screen lid and lamps on top of it for my skink I will be getting in a few days. Only truly safe way to use a light that gets extremely hot. I only use a tank with one snake that I have, and that is because he likes to climb, is diurnal, and doesn’t need much humidity or heat. Which is my Arizona mountain kingsnake. Corns, kings, and certain rat snakes are good snakes for tanks, but balls don’t always fair well with them. So don’t be surprised when most people don’t use them for ball pythons.


This is my current setup for my fire skink baby I will be getting soon. I will be upgrading it to a larger tank when I won’t easily lose it in a large one, since it is only around 3" long from head to tail right now. Doesn’t need a background or anything since they stay under their substrate 85% of the time and aren’t the best climbers since they have small legs. The cover is so it will feel better about coming out to explore, since they hate feeling exposed.


This is what I keep my breeding collection in right now. All of my adult/sub adults go into 10 gallon tubs (and larger if need be for climbers or just big corns). Add plenty of cover, varied enrichment that usually doubles as secondary hides and climbing opportunities. Tubs don’t have to be ugly or sparse. Just cause we keep them in tubs doesn’t mean anything. (even though I have several snakes in tanks also)


Wow i didnt mean any disrespect to anyone who uses tubs or racks - i was just simply saying surely not everyone heres a breeder.

Thanks for the info about ball pythons, although i know.

Theres also two sides to everyones husbandry choice. You say that “they are not a basking species” i presume you mean royals. Here in the UK, its currently 3°C. So a heatmat is great, but my room ambient is about 16°c. Thats like you sitting on a red hot floor in a freezing cold room, so i use a ceramic for those, who are just fine.

And yeah youre right, tubs and rubs dont have to be sparse or boring! Yours looks great!

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@ashleyraeanne you say youve “seen burns ESPECIALLY when heat guards are used? Please explain how.

Other than light bulbs which seems a common mistake I love everything else about the vivarium setups…heck I would love to keep a couple animals in them at some point they are so fantastic looking and many of y’all are super talented and crafty.

At the same time BPs thrive so well and naturally in tubs idk why there are those who frown on it…it’s a great way to keep them and as such yeah of course this forum is full of people that keep them that way.

Doesn’t have to be an either or proposition.

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Once again, i have no doubt its a great way.
I merely just made a thread about what kinda setups people use to show off some creative stuff, just for a little fun.



I have a couple royals in terrariums but they don’t hold a candle to some of the stuff being shown off.

On a personal story, I am very, very paranoid about aquarium decorations. I get a little OCD about scrubbing down the tanks/terrariums.

This is not particularly accurate and is the ugly side of showing off terrariums.

A young male ball python will happily spend all day basking under a lamp with no ill effect.

With that said, it does seem like they all have pretty wide ranging personalities. Some are happier in tubs, some like to explore.

Here’s a woma for fun (who has a basking spot, UVB, and UTH) with three hides and a spider wood. My royals would have no idea what to do with all that. :laughing:


Couldnt have written it better @asura
I didnt want to get into the whole discussion.

I dont believe there is a right or wrong way, aslong as the animal behaves as it should and is in good health. Keepers with any intelligence are the first to know when its not right.

I guess as you say, this is the downside to showing things off. Personally, im just a fan of seeing what people come up with and the different species :slightly_smiling_face:


100% Correct!


Experience is definitely the best teacher. You can read the animals over time and sort it out to find what is best - and it definitely has an individual aspect to it, as well.

Tubs are a pretty good “minimal viable environment” that can always be expanded on. It’s definitely of those (as proven here already) bikeshed topics.

Anyway, back to amazing enclosures, I hope! :slight_smile:

The dinosaur room :rofl:

3 Bioactive arboreal cages hooked on a MistKing system.

Hopefully I will add one more cage this year if I can decide on which terrestrial species to go with.

From left to right Chahoua, Leachie, Gargoyle


Usually when the snake manages to push and dislodge the guard. And some guards get pretty hot so they can get burned from that as well. If they can get into any gap, or there is a small gap they want to get into, they tend keep trying until it works. And yes, it is possible for the screws to come lose. So long as you check it a lot to make sure it is secure and not hot enough to burn anything, you can use them. I like to avoid them completely, since it isn’t worth the risk.

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@stewart_reptiles i would love a leachie! Any chance of some photos…

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I love the symmetry, it looks like a proper display :+1::heart_eyes:.
If you ever got into collecting art/stickers that would be a really nice spot to hang them.

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After some consideration I came to the conclusion last week that it will be a little longer than I’d like before I can move all the juveniles into their permanent enclosures. So I decided to go ahead and move them into something inbetween for now. Eventually they will all have regular front-opening type terrariums. Hopefully by the end of this summer.
Here’s a few of them. The cages these moved out of became upgrades for even smaller snakes and all of these have cleaner crews consisting of isopods and springtails.
While actually prefer traditional style caging I find I have better luck with the babies in tubs. I dont see the point of spending a fortune on cages that the animals outgrow in a few months anyway.

This is the armoire I converted to a rack. I’m still using the bottom shelf for my, way too many, t-shirts lol. Once I move I’ll be using that shelf for snakes too.

And then just a couple of other shelves that were originally just for babies but the collection has been growing faster than initially intended lol.

My tarantulas…

And the cage I built for my Ackies that I no longer have… theres a boa cage on top that just happens to get the perfect amount of heat from the light so I still have it come on every day.

You can see the ackie cage when I first set it up here…


Great stuff :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

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