Arizonan Ball Python Breeders on YouTube

Hello hello folks!

I recently got my first breeding size female, a proven pastel lesser calico who’s sitting at 1560+ grams! I watch a ton of breeders on YouTube, and then realised that none of them are in AZ, which is where I live. I’d like to know if there are any that y’all know, just because I’m paranoid, and it’s so dry here always.
I’m following Chris Hardwick, who’s up in Utah or Idaho (i don’t remember) which i reckon is the closest i have to AZ climate. Fairly certain everyone else is up north.
I prefer videos because I learn better with visuals, but I’m also open to any posts or articles!

Thank y’all in advance, here’s Freya!


Mas Rep Custom Reptiles is in Arizona. They can be a little hard to find on social but typically make all the shows.


Oh there’s lots of ball python breeders here, although I don’t know if they have YouTube channels.


Sorry cant help with videos for your local. And I get videos are good for visual learners.
However, there are lots of good tips here for low humidity dry environments.
Just ask, it really helps.
Although humidity is usually ok here in the UK, with our central heating it can dry out our houses in winter,
It helped me to just ask about the specific issue. See the link below----

Lots of other discussions about this if you do a surch


I don’t know about any breeders in AZ on YouTube.
But if you go to the MorphMarket Home page , scroll down to Stores and hit view all , you’ll see a tab that says view map. Maneuver it around and enlarge over your state. It will show you everyone who has stores on MM.
You may try reaching out to any close to your area and they may be able to help you with the information you’re looking for.
Just a thought for something you could try.
Good luck!
Freya is a gorgeous girl :+1: Congrats!

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is that eye really blue and green and orange or is it the picture.
Looks awesome.


The photos don’t quite do her justice, but her her eyes are indeed those beautiful colours! Hope some of her babies get a bit of that, i was pretty shocked when i got her in the sun and they practically glowed.

I would love it if you got a closer picture and posted in this link. (the blue bit) you would win, I would collect pretty eyes if I was like the crazy person in farscape. That discussion is my way to collect the prettyest eyes without going to that litral farscape scifi extreem