Baby Dragon Snakes in the Making!

Caught these two lovers in the middle of making some baby dragons. Very excited for the near future!

Dragon Snake, Xenodermus javanicus


That’s great! I can’t wait to see what comes out of it. If you’re successful breeding them when do you think the eggs will be laid and hatch?


Wait won’t this be the first ever captive bred dragon snakes? That is so cool :sunglasses:!


Yay! Congrats! Do they lay eggs?


Yes they lay a few eggs though can have multiple clutches I have read



So exciting, wishing you the best of luck!


Thank you all so much for the support! These guys are oviparous (egg-laying) and are thought to lay small clutches multiple times throughout their breeding season. I have been tracking the female’s shed cycle and anticipate that she will lay eggs within a month upon becoming gravid. Captive offspring has been produced by a Russian zoo but none of the young were viable – I suspect this is due to an incubation error that can be easily fixed. I will keep everyone updated on their progress!


I can’t wait to see the outcome and good luck! Did you use your barometric pressure device for these?


I actually didn’t have to make it that complicated thankfully. Sometimes I get ahead of myself and make things more complex than they need to be. That said, I do believe I uncovered the trick to breeding them – I’ll elaborate further once I know I can produce healthy, viable offspring :slightly_smiling_face:


I can’t wait to hear it. Hopefully in the future once these are more established and I’m experienced enough to get them I can get one.


Other than the habit of passing away in captivity, how difficult is their care?

Their care is difficult and until they are more established in captivity and are better understood care-wise they’re best left to experts that have experience with colubrids and WC imports. There’s a great care sheet about them here.


Dragon Snakes are honestly very easy to keep once they are healthy and established, but unfortunately for most, they do not arrive in great condition. The “difficult” aspect is having the knowledge and experience to approach these issues in order to maximize their chances of thriving in captivity, and even then, it is still possible that they may not pull through. I have had a couple losses in the past, but the reason I’ve been successful is because I became very passionate about these snakes and decided to invest as much as I could into establishing them in captivity. Everything truly difficult about them is eliminated with CB offspring because they are not automatically afflicted with parasites and disease, nor do they have to endure the import process. I’m hoping that by introducing CB offspring to the herp community, we can relieve the damage that is being done to their wild populations. I foresee a bright future for these guys though and can’t wait to see their progress. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s amazing! :star_struck:I remember how blown away I was when I first heard about dragon snakes. Definitely keep us posted. So excited for you!


Wow, amazing! I just watched a video on these intriguing looking serpents and it made seem like they were impossible to keep alive once imported. Kudos and keep up the fantastic work!


I remember you from the early 2000’s I think, @creaturesofnightshade - back on the old Kingsnake forums? Maybe forum? Something…If my recollection serves, you’ve really taken it to the next level since then, I cannot convey my utter respect. Either way, you’re taking it to the next level, I’m incredibly impressed. Your goth-flavored marketing imagery and design hits me as a bit tedious, to be frank; But I can’t, and would never, argue against the obviously incredible work you’re doing with this species. I mean to convey huge respect of your work with this species, and mild shame in myself for judging your book by its cover.

Bravo, encore, bravo!


Perhaps this will come as a surprise, but I would have been only a few years old in the early 2000s; I was born in '98. I’ve been keeping reptiles for several years now but have only been active in the community for the last 3-4 years.

Regardless, I appreciate your response, and above all, your honesty. No need to feel any shame on behalf of your inital impression. I’ve always been outwardly expressive simply because that’s who I am. In doing so, I learned to accept that some people may form opinions on my character that I wouldn’t necessarily agree with, but I do not let that bother me. I know who I truly am and am at peace with myself, as are those that are close to me. All of that said, I appreciate honesty and open-mindedness more than just about anything, so the respect is mutual :slightly_smiling_face:


Only born in 98?? Your so young. I was born in 87…I wish I was your age again…


I am an 2003 lol :joy:
And I am starting to invest now.


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