Calico.... The messier the better

Well sire was poss het pied pretty sure he would have proved but I don’t do Lesser to Pied stuff, and this male as a huge ringer ;)…so one of those curiosity project see if he is het pied.


He is beautiful whether he proves out or not, and I’m sure you’ll have no struggle selling him if not. I just spotted the ringer behind the logo ,:grin:

How long are we looking at? Is he anywhere near breeding weight yet?

He is over 300 grams so next season he will go to some DH Hypo Pied females :wink:

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Calico Coral Glow Pinstripe Ghost Pied … :exploding_head: HOLY CURSE WORD!

I will pray to the Odds God for you.


OD Sugar possible het Pied


Stuff that good is normally illegal :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::joy:



That is a good looking snake. Now I’m reconsidering the plans for mine. :thinking:


Super pastel calico lesser and hands down the worst eater I have ever owned!


I’m curious to see if this ends up being het pied… All the Calico het pied stuff I’ve produced was really dark with lower white. Beautiful animal and hope she proves out!


@osbornereptiles I’m hoping something like that pops up in this pairing:


Citrus Pastel Calico


Thanks. I wasn’t even shooting for the het Pied much but it will be the cherry on top if he proves…which I think he will.

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Good luck. Its one of my favorite but very simple combos.


My favorite


Y’all are completely changing my mind on calico I had no idea how awesome these can be. I just didn’t see it at first


I’ve actually noticed 2 different “varieties” of calico, whether they be genetically different or just pot luck I couldn’t tell you, but some seem completely random with the spread of white scales, where others it exists only inside of the alien heads.

Does anyone know of any proven lines that only effect the alien heads?


@stewart_reptiles and @osbornereptiles both have examples of it being within the alien heads. ( I know other genes are involved and causing disruption but it’s still easy to see)

It would be nice to know if they are working with the same “line”/heritage of Calico or from different sources.

Pastel, yeah? It wipes out the alien heads.

I think anyone with calico projects are hoping to “white out” the sort-of-light-brown-but-slightly-green “pixels” which is why you see it mixed with Enchi, Orange Dream, etc.

Super GHI Calico is another mix I was interested in. Check them out. :slight_smile:

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I’m so confused by this sentence :joy: I don’t know if your asking or telling me.

I really love pixelation on calicos, I think they are the gene that could bring in a lot of the younger generation if someone was to make a “Minecraft” morph :joy:

I’ll check them out now :+1:


That was my fault. I went back and read what I was replying to. You mentioned lines and I read that as genes so I was questioning if that’s what you meant. Oops.

As for lines there’s the whole calico vs sugar, etc. I have seen some snakes listed as one or the other that have stark white knockouts from one breeder and just a “light speckle of flour” look on others. I think that might be more in line with what you were asking: are there lines with drastically different calico effects?

There are. I bought mine for the chunky visual Minecraft white knockouts. I don’t think that guarantees me Minecraft offspring but I don’t think I’m going to get any flour-sprinkling offspring. I think there is a lineage component to the “chunkiness” but my suspicion is that it might have to do with individual coloration more than solely lineage.

The other breeders you mentioned probably have better explanations. Sorry for the mix-up.