First clutch of 2021

I am sooo happy, we got our first clutch of Royal Pythons today :grin:

They are incubating now but I took a quick pic.

I candled them, looks like we have 6 and no duds :crossed_fingers:


Yay :raised_hands:t2:
Ok, question that’s needing an answer. What was the pairing! I’m excited for you, will be following every step of the way!
Is this first ever clutch or just the first this year? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


First clutch!

I’m a little nervous as humidity is 85% ATM I’m struggling to get it higher :angry:

The pairing is firefly and spider

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Oh no!
What have you got them in? Does the tub have holes?

Oh wow patterning is going to be mental! :grin:

Very small ones on the side at the top which we have used to put probes through. I might see if I can block them up with tissue or something.

I’m waiting till this evening just to see if it goes up on its own and I don’t want to keep opening it

You shouldn’t need holes of any kind in your egg tubs, I’d try covering them. If it was just setup today it may just be taking a bit for your hygrometer to level out. It looks like your vermiculite is very wet so I’d be surprised if it’s only 85%, try using a second one at the same time to see if the readings match. Congrats, Goodluck

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I used the the hydrometer with the tub and kitchen roll to test it with another a few weeks ago and seemed fine with just that but will see, I’ve got another anyway and I’m going to cover the holes, they are tiny but may make the difference

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I tried 2 other hygrometers, the first one was wrong it is 99% humidity, so I’ve left the holes as they are for now


Lucky you had another!
Now the wait :snake:

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We planned for 2 clutches this year and I like a back up :grin:

Hopefully have another clutch in a few more weeks, she is showing the signs etc, but will see with that one.

We’ve cleaned mamas enclosure and removed her rock as she was clinging to that thinking they were her babies. I feel bad but it’s best.

Can’t wait to weigh her and get her to eat.


Congratulations!!! Please remember every time your opening that tub your letting out heat and humidity. Use 4 cups of vermiculite to 1 and half water. That mix is spot on and will never give you any problems! Personally I put them in and try to forget about them! Overcompensating tends to have a worse effect.


1 1/2 cups water to 4 cups of vermiculite. Do you put Glad press and seal over top the containers?


Never! Not a fan of the press and seal method.


I see a lot of people put that on the boxes. I don’t think I want to either.
I think the lid would be enough to hold moisture in.


Thanks for all the tips.

It went to 85% humidity though the night and they looked to be sinking in so I put kitchen roll in the holes.

Will be leaving them alone now. Hopefully they will be okay :crossed_fingers:

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So a little update, humidity is stuck at around 90-95% one egg is sunken, but still white in colour so fingers crossed it will make it :crossed_fingers:

Today we had a lovely morning… our next clutch of 6 eggs that’s gone into the incubator :grin:

Please ignore the paper towel, we had ants a few days ago and this was a quick fix for her


Good Mama protecting her babies!
Good luck getting them away :sweat_smile:

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She wasn’t too happy and hissed A LOT but she let them go eventually :grin:


Yay the eggs are in the incubator!


I’m so excited, we have 12 eggs in total :grin: