Hello from Idaho!

I’m an old stick in the mud that hates change, so it’s taken me forever to more over to MorphMarket but I am actually really liking it so far. I’ve been on reptile forums all over, so some might know me under the names Tavia or Charis. I’m located in Idaho, US and have been keeping and breeding reptiles for around 12 years. Have had over 20 species of snake at points in time but am currently keeping 13 species. And a number of gecko species as well. My husband and I also do local educational hands on shows at various venues like birthday parties, etc using our calmest reptiles, what I call our Ambassador Group.

Our house is a mini Zoo, we have 4 Chihuahuas, 4 cats, 3 personal house rabbits, and foster a rotating number of rabbits for a local rabbit rescue, a turtle, a couple Bettas, varying numbers of Gargoyle geckos, Crested geckos, (thinking about adding a Chinese Cave gecko in the near future) Corn snakes, Trans Pecos ratsnakes, Mandarin ratsnakes, Green Bush ratsnakes, Honduran milksnakes, Western Hognose, Tricolor Hognose, African House snakes, Rosy boas, Kenyan Sand boas, Amazon Tree boas, Ball python and Green Tree python.


I’ll introduce some of our critters as well. Three of the Chi’s, left from right, Ty Lee, 6 yrs old, Bella, 16 yrs old and the baby, Luna at 10 months old.

And Lily, the 3 yr old. She is Luna’s bio aunt and loves to mother everyone but especially Luna.

Ivan, male cat.

Gregor, male cat.

Katara, the queen of the house.

And the youngest and evilest.

Kiska, my youngest rabbit. Black otter Netherland dwarf.

Pippen, my male Hotot. He is blind in one eye.

And my Siamese Sable Lionhead, Willow. She is bonded to Pippen. Once Kiska is spayed, I am hoping she will be able to join their bond.


The Western hogs.
Old pic of Ziva, still the best photo shoot I took of her. Albino Superconda.

Zeke, male Anaconda
Sam, female Albino poss het pink pastel. She will hopefully be breeding for the first time this year, paired to Zeke.
Jo, normal female poss het Albino. Also hopefully breeding for the first time this year. Paired to Kit. Kittaning. Male Albino het pink pastel. Patience, female normal poss het ethrystic Tricolor Hognose.
Niska, male Tricolor hognose. He is a growd favorite and one of our best Ambassadors. Unfortunately he has recently developed cataracts in both eyes. Thankfully they don’t slow him down much.


Wow, so many beautiful animals! Glad you decided to come to MM!


The corn snakes. Max, my first Tessera. There for a few minutes he was also one of only around 3 known Super or Homo Tessera in the US. He is super docile and one of our best Ambassadors. Thankfully his offspring all seem to get his temperament.

Thrace. Caramel Tessera and a 2015 daughter of Max.

Whiskey, a 2017 daughter of Max. Classic Tessera, 50% poss homo Tess.

Suri, Honey Tessera.

Alric, Motley and or Stripe Tessera with a passel of hets.

Arista. Hypo Cinder.

Persephone, Phantom Tessera, possibly homo Tess.

Badger, Charcoal Tessera het Diffused.

Brin, Ghost Bloodred. Don’t have any good full body shots of her unfortunately.

Gwen, who is nearly impossible to take good pictures of. Finally got this one that is nearly color true to real life. She is a Peppermint Tessera, although I do sometimes wonder if she could be a Buttermint. Hoping to find that out this year if Alric will start earning his keep! Lazy boy wanted nothing to do with the ladies last year.

Hadrian, brother to Gwen. He is a part Candycane line Amel Tessera. While not the best example of a Candycane, I think he qualifies for the title. Just a little too much yellow overwash to be a prime example.

Ista, female Granite poss het Scaleless.

Penric, male Sunkissed het Scaleless, poss het Amel and Caramel.

Viper, male Bloodred Tessera het bunches.

Vixen, Bloodred het bunches.

Warric, my funky boy. He is Anery A Zagtec het Charcoal and a ton of other things.


OMG someone working with Tessera. I have yet to get into breeding but I got my collection going to raise up to breed and I plan on also breeding Tessera. Tessera Oketee to be exact. I want to see what I can produce and if I can somehow manage to tweak things a bit. I absolutely love the morph even if my oldest male (main male for the eventual project) has an attitude problem.


Welcome to the community! You have got quite a handful over there with your little zoo!
I can’t even pick a favorite - they are all so cute! :smiley:


Yeah, Tessera is one of my top favorite genes in corns!

Malcolm, Mandarin ratsnake. He used to be a good Ambassador but back in 2016, the nearby Zoo did a Jewels of Asia exhibit and borrowed two of our snakes, including Malcolm for the summer for it. They kind of broke him though, he’s been an asshole since he got back. :frowning:

Inara, Mandarin ratsnake. Both were surprising expo finds, at different year expos. Had been hoping to breed them but they don’t want to. They also appear to be very different localities, so I wondered if that might be why. Inara is a little moody but is generally good with crowds and sometimes does work as an Ambassador.

Toph, Green Bush ratsnake. Should have eggs from her later in the year.

Roku, Green Bush ratsnake.

Orlando, Silver Blond Trans Pecos ratsnake.

Echo, Silver Blonde Trans Pecos ratsnake. Hoping to get eggs from them for the first time this year, fingers crossed!

Ukiah, normal het T- Albino Cape African House snake.

Indigo, T- Albino Cape African House snake.

Carrot, daughter of the above two. Paradox T- Albino.

Smaug, Hypo Tangerine Honduran milk. Smaug is a crowd favorite Ambassador and a giant sweetheart. I think he spoiled me, always was pretty calm, even as a baby. The two new Hondurans are musking, flailing little whips and not at all similar in temperament.

Ran, male Hypo Tangerine Honduran milk.

Shao (Shaw) female Hypo Tangerine Honduran milk.

Mai, Amazon Tree boa.

Zuko, Amazon Tree boa.

Sebastian, Mexican Rosy boa. Non locale specific.

Emma, Mexican Rosy boa. Non locale specific.

Bridget, Ghost San Felipe.

Monty, Ghost San Felipe.

Whisper, Riverside Co. locale.

Nyx, Riverside Co. locale.

Cosmos, Albino het Anery Kenyan Sand boa.

Chaos, Albino het Anery Kenyan Sand boa. She gave birth to my first litter of KSB this past December.

Jinx, Anery het Albino Kenyan Sand boa.

Penelope, our one and only BP. Not huge BP fans, especially my husband but I’ve taken in a few cases that needed some TLC before finding new, hopefully better homes. We get asked for BPs a fair amount in our shows. I’ve always liked the Bee stuff in BPs and then this girl got surrendered to the local reptile rescue. Seemed like a good deal all around, she is a Lesserbee, needed some TLC, so I fostered her, assessed her temperament and then officially adopted her. We now have a BP for our shows and a morph I like that would normally have been expensive enough I’d never have talked my husband into paying for a BP but the adoption price was in the budget, lol. She is about half grown and still needs just a little bit more heft to be in good shape for her size but getting there.

Iroh, our only other python. Green Tree python. Unfortunately he is getting up there in age and really starting to show it in the past year. So I have been bracing to lose him soon. He is a real sweetheart though. He is approx 12-14 at a guess. Could be older.


o. m. goodness. you have so many snakes!
Vixen is my fave lol

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Love the avatar themed snakes. I love seeing everyone’s collection. Once I get my snake I’ll be sure to share plenty of pictures.


Wow, what a beautiful zoo you have! Smaug is awesome!

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Wow wow wow I love all of them! :heart_eyes:

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A lot of great animals love the. All!

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Welcome to the family! I’m loving the Mandarins in particular :+1::+1:

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Unfortunately we had to put to sleep my 16 year old Chihuahua Isabella about 2 weeks ago :sob:
But I’ve been contemplating breeding Luna and got talking to a breeder with a lot of studs, who used to show them, she’s starting to retire, so has pretty much gotten out of any unaltered females, though she’s got a few more pairings she wants to do. She had an 8 month old female Chihuahua that is part of the bloodlines she wanted to keep going. So after being sure that my dogs are kept as part of the family, she offered me this girl on a guardian contract. She’s mine totally but unless there is an extenuating circumstance that prevents her from breeding, I owe her two litters from her and the sire of her choice. Been a little rougher integrating her in with the others, being older than I’m used to dealing with. But she is a sweetheart and starting to get settled in. We’ve named her Korra.

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