Hello from Indiana! House of Slytherin checking in

Well I’ve enjoyed the helpful activity on here the last week or so, so I figured I should introduce myself. I live in Indianapolis, got my first BP in April from BHB Reptiles’ site, and much like many of you immediately fell in love.
I always loved “creepy crawlies,” as a kid. I spent countless hours outside collecting bugs and spiders and anything I could get my hands on. I think I got in a bit of a rut in and after college where I didn’t have much direction in my life, I just drifted from job to job, and most of my hobbies that sparked curiosity and creativity that I had always loved got replaced by video games and tv…and I really think that affected me negatively. A year ago I had moved to Indianapolis from another state away from my family and not knowing a soul for a new job. It didn’t work out, and I had a really dark few months of not knowing what I was going to do, having no friends around etc. Looking for a spark, I stumbled upon some Ball Python YouTube stuff and after a few weeks I decided to get one and try keeping it. Within days I was completely hooked and wanted to dive in, but more importantly it gave me a kick of motivation to get my sh** together. It was just what I needed. I was motivated and stopped feeling sorry for myself, went out and got a great job and now things are going really well and I love it here. Even something as small and stupid as having a snake to take care of really brought me back and a lot of that creative thinking I had as a kid came with it so it’s been great. I have 5 females now, working on putting my first project together piece by piece, but however far I go with it this hobby will always mean a lot to me because it helped spark me out of a rut I was in for a long time. I’m very thankful and in the 6 months since I’ve spent countless hours pouring through all the material I can find, everything is going great so far and MM has been fantastic. I’ve gotten 3 of my 5 girls off here so far with many more to come.

I know there are people out there who might feel like they don’t “fit in” and may gravitate to a hobby like reptile keeping because it’s something “different.” I think there’s a lot of value in learning to care for something living and just helping people grow their passion for something like this can end up helping other areas of their lives, help them socially, and end up really having a big impact. Also there’s still a negative stigma around reptiles and especially snakes with many people, so for them I want to show them what a great hobby this can be and that snakes can make great pets as well. I’m under no delusions of making a quick buck but I have a 2-4 year plan now…going to try and get there and see what’s next. The possibilities are literally endless.



I’m really glad to hear how this hobby helped you to find positivity in your life. With so many negative things in the world its nice to see things like this.

Thanks @gregp ! Yeah it’s really been good for me even my family who are NOT snake people have become more interested because they see the difference in me since I started.


That’s awesome! I’m glad to hear the hobby has done well for you. I find having snakes to be therapeutic, especially when I’m going through a rough spot emotionally.
I live down in Princeton, close to Evansville. My boyfriend and I were just up there this last weekend for the reptile show, I had picked up two western hognoses from there!

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Yay! You finally made an introduction thread I can post in and not look creepy >.<

I could tell by the way you spoke in multiple threads you and I are in that this hobby helped you when you were down. Maybe it was the way your words came off, but I could tell that this hobby was a turning point in your life - and I’m glad you are getting some light back in your life because of it!

btw I LOVE the name :3 Who doesn’t like HP references? lol


Hello! I’m also in Indianapolis, moved here from Des Moines, IA. Ball pythons helped me through some depressing times and I also struggled with the move here. Being able to care for my animals, not just snakes, and feeling part of a community was helpful for me. You have some beautiful animals :slight_smile:

You’re kidding lol I lived in Iowa my whole life and Des Moines until 2016. I can’t believe how many Indy people are on here :rofl:

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That is so weird! I think I’ve been here about 7 or 8 years now. We should all start a group meet like the Circle City Aquarium Club lol

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I wish I could do a meet up with other reptile people here in Indiana, but Indy is such a long drive from Princeton :joy:
I know of several breeders down here where I live, but I’m too intimidated to ask them to just “hang out” lmao

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@trnreptiles as I make the acquaintance of more and more I think I’ll do just that. Would be great to have a meetup and give people a chance to network.


I’m a hoosier too!!! About an hour from Indy!!!

@thecrawdfather @snakekittyfishy I was born and raised in Indy. I know all the best places to eat and hang out around here if y’all ever need a guide :joy:


I didn’t know a single thing about genetics when I picked my first BP out…I didn’t know what pastel or het pied meant, I just liked her picture so I chose her. Now I think unwittingly I could have done a lot worse I think she’s a very nice example of a single gene pastel. Closing in on 1,000 grams hopefully in another month or so!


My collection illustrating some differences over winter in feeding/growth consistency but onward we go.

803g at 15 months

885g at 15 months

815G at 20 months

921g at 17 months

661g at 9 months


From the times I read your post and have interacted with you I can definitely tell you’ve done your homework and are passionate with this hobby like many of us. Hope to see what you do next with your animals! You already have a good lineup so far!

Thank you. I definitely have to admit when I got hooked and jumped in last year I was not financially ready to get too far in, but I believe I have sound plans in place and I’m planning for the long haul. 2020 is a big year for sure by the end of the year I may have at least one of these girls getting close to size, will need to be in the market for more infrastructure and a nice pied boy :stuck_out_tongue:

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Really can FEEL your story :revolving_hearts: glad you told it :slight_smile:
We send our love with my first babygirl Karma :heart:

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Thanks for sharing your story and for all that you’ve contributed so far to the group. I absolutely agree with the importance of having someone that depends on you and that you find interesting and worthwhile is one of the best motivators to get out of bed in the morning. Keep on keeping on: its worth it👍

Thanks @alpinereptiles
I look forward to someday sharing with others basic life principles of goal setting and overcoming your current limitations and also basically proving to my Nana that snakes are cool :slight_smile: and can be used as a tool to positively impact others :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: