Hello from LA

Hello everyone,
I recently joined MorphMarket to find my first ever ball python. I am so excited to own one…!!
I’m looking for a Blue-Eyed Lucy/Leucistic with the most white scales and the most blue eyes possible :slight_smile: I slightly prefer a female, would like a young snake but still over 3 or 4 months old, who eats consistently and ideally eats f/t. If you happen to have one for sale, or know of a breeder who does, please reach out to me!


Hi @shadowliciouss welcome to a reptile community. Due to community guidelines we are not allowed to recommend breeders, but MorphMarket.com has a lot of wonderful options for you to sort through.

Here is a list of the blue eyed Lucy complex

I personally believe and many others agree with me that actually the black eyed Lucy complex is whiter (stays whiter). And here’s a list of those.

I do recommend that you use MorphMarket.com when looking for a snake or any reptile because there is a very large selection to choose from.

I do have links to topics on here about whitest bels

Link 1

Link 2

Lastly, I am happy that you decided to join this community and hope that you continue to grow in your love of reptiles here with fellow enthusiasts. Do you hope to own more types of snakes or just more ball pythons? Be careful, they are very addictive. :grin:


Hi @lumpy, thanks for the quick reply and help!
You are not allowed to recommend breeders that are on MorphMarket ?
I will definitely look into black eyed lucys, although it would be sad not to look into blue eyes daily…
I will also check the links you posted!
I am happy to be in the community as well :slight_smile:
I will most likely end up getting another ball python down the line if I enjoy the experience, which I’m sure I will. Honestly, I want a fully black snake in addition to the bel! ^^

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No we are not allowed to that because we can’t recommend breeders in general.

If you don’t mind something it’s a little bit bigger, an anery IMG boa would be a great choice for a pure black snake. I would go male, if size is an issue.

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Is that good for beginners? I’ve never had reptiles before
What’s the difference between it and ball pythons?

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Personally, I’m probably biased because I got a boa for my first snake. They have greater size potential then ball pythons, and they can have vigorous lively feeding responses. My male is currently 5.5 feet and weighs 4.5 pounds at 4 years old, and females can definitely get bigger then this. I would personally recommend a PVC enclosure with a minimum size of 4 x 2 x 1. Temps are pretty similar (78-85) with a 90 degree hot spot. Humidity - 60% to 70% and this can be raised to 75-80% when shedding. Baby boys can be a little bit nippy but does usually does not last very long as they’re wonderful captives. I would definitely recommend that you do a fair amount of research before you buy any type of boa because they are a commitment just like any other snake.


For sure, I think boas are cool, from what I’ve seen so far. Maybe the size will be a bit of an issue, as I’m looking for a small snake that I can handle easily and often.

You’ll love owning a royal that’s for sure. Such lovely snakes :blush:
Bels are amazing. I think super lesser or super Russo are the whitest out of the bels!
I know there’s lots on MM! Look forward to seeing your new member when you find her/him :grin:

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from LA? what part???

Thanks for the info, I will look into those specific types!
Definitely looking forward to posting some pics once I get my snake :slight_smile:

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Are you also in LA?
I’m in the valley

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Ohhh im from boyle heights but im living in riverside