Help Confirm Morphs, please? :)

So an update on Winter here, since he’s had time to grow and has since turned out quite a bit different. I finally got a shot of his eyes, too, if that helps with ID any.


Is this gecko one of the ones pictured above? It doesn’t look like any of them, it looks like a patterned albino.

The eye does help- this gecko is either an Eclipse or a Marble Eye (Marble Eyes are much less common). It’s also an Albino, no way to easily know which of the three unless you were told by the breeder. In terms of pattern, I’d call it a Reverse Stripe (though it might be a Stripe, I find it harder to tell in albinos).

So, I would describe this gecko as a Reverse Stripe Albino (strain unknown) with an ocular mutation (likely Eclipse but possibly Marble Eye).

Edit: your animal is most likely a Reverse Stripe Raptor, but there’s no way to tell without years of test breeding. A Raptor is a Tremper Albino Eclipse. Trempers are by far the most common strain of albino, with Bell a distant second and Rainwater third.


After looking back, I realized, I never included Winter in this! He was way too young when I got him, so I held back asking. So no, not the same gecko as before. Thank you for the ID, and the bit of education. :grin:



Dude that is such a cute pic! :heart_eyes: Man, people who think leopard geckos are ‘boring’ just don’t know what they’re missing! They have so much character, especially once they’ve settled in! For example, my girl Mina is an explorer & very outgoing and curious. Lola is very shy and easily startled, but obsessed with food. My gecko Rasputin was an adorable, grumpy little bum-head. Pablo is fearless, Lemmy is gentle, Myrtle was super smart, I could go on- leos are awesome! :blush:


Congrats on getting some really smart geckos. My leopard gecko will completely “walk the plank” off my hand if I let him. He doesn’t get the concept of depth perception :rofl:


On the topic of leopard gecko behaviors I have a few noteworthy ones. I have one (my first leo) who will walk off of my hands. When I first got him and was holding him he once jumped from my hand to his tank about 2 feet away. Of course he couldn’t get in through the side but he grabbed the stand long enough for me to catch him. I also have a pair of super snow eclipse black nights who are both extremely food motivated. When it’s feeding time they (one usually does and the other rarely does) try to eat anything and everything (moss, poop, my fingers, water dish) but they don’t actually swallow it. The only way to feed them without them doing that is to lure them into a container with food. :roll_eyes: :rofl:


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His eyes are wicked!!