How about a forum just for fun. Reptile and amphibian fun, not randomness

Just a suggestion. You might have this already or not want it.
But, how about a forum just for fun. Reptile and amphibian fun, not randomness.
That way people can find fun games easily, increase activity and posting.
e.g. I only found this one by chance after many months and really enjoyed reading it and posting.


So we already have this in a way with the #for-fun tag, which has 56 topics at the moment. Tags are like mini categories but with the added benefit of cross-posting.

Now the problem is that we don’t have allow non-categorised posts, cross-posting only works to a degree within species. By which I mean posting a thread in the #geckos category can’t be linked to the #boas category.

Now a topic in #all-reptiles that is tagged with both #leopard-geckos #boa-constrictors and #burmese-pythons will work.


Let’s get discussing ways to make this work.


Not a solution, just an observation.
The MorphMarket thread below surprised me with how may people said this was there only social media.
It was not the question, but it raised some interesting information,
Like me, many have moved away from social media and just go on sites like this of specific interest and are less toxic.

In addition, some of us are n0t all social media experts, Tags do not always give what we are looking for or are efficient…
for example its easier and faster for me to look in the Ball pythons forum to find ball python info or another forum, than look for ball python tags or other tags i might be inteersted in.


Considering that PETA purchased shares in Facebook, allowing the group to attend the company’s annual meetings and force agendas on executives of it, non domesticated animals will have no safe place on that platform soon enough. Instagram will follow suit. Add to that the algorithms that make information retention near impossible… we’re likely going to see more of this.

This is completely understandable and we can work on making the UI better. The more feedback like this that we get the closer we get to making it accessible to everyone.

On mobile I agree, it’s a bit tougher to navigate tags. Desktop is as simple as tapping the “Tags” dropdown and typing a few letters…


I’ll see if we can make it easier to access on mobile