How Can We Leave Feedback on Non-Market Transaction

I know their is a “feedback” on the sales side but what about a section for experiences. I am interested in this for days like today where a buyer lied and said they would receive the package and then let it sit out in 55 degree weather while they were at work for 6 hours.

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I don’t think we have plans to implement feedback at this time. There is a great system in place on the Morphmarket classified site

I may be mistaken (@john, please correct me if I am) but I thought the classified site rating system allowed for buyer ratings as well so you could put that information there

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It does offer rating but my question was what if someone is a member of this forum but not purchased through the classified.

The MorphMarket Ratings system only allows reviews on inquiries through the site, by design, so the information there is more highly scrutinized than a forum (just as @blacksideballpythons said). It does allow feedback on sellers and buyers, although we do not currently display all that information about the buyer so that side is more limited. For in depth discussion it allows linking to the FBI or BOI forum.

I am considering adding a Customer Review/Alert section for MM members only, primarily for broadcasting alerts about scammers. However, I’ve decided to hold off on this at the moment because these types of forums are the most volatile and we have enough going on getting this community up and running that I don’t want the added difficulty at this time.

See also: Why Doesn't the Forum Allow Ratings/Reviews/Questions About Sellers?


I also thought about making this suggestion. I posted about a bad buyer/scammer in the FBI group on facebook and thought “I wonder if this would fit into the morphmarket community.”

The more I thought about it and the goals that John has outlined the more I thought it would not quite fit here. Morph market has some ways of dealing with problematic buyers and adding a place that would be almost entirely one sided would not be fair to the accused. In the FBI groups, the accused are tagged and given a chance to tell their side of the story to provide a defense. Without being able to have both sides, the category would not be an effective tool, it would instead enable people to slander an innocent.


Are Scammers really an issue on this site? And exactly what do u mean by scammers? People that take your money but have no reptile to sell? Or taking your money on a reptile you see but once reptile shows up it is nothing that you ordered? Just wondering? Thanks

Scammers are an issue everywhere. I had a guy on MM offering me snakes in trade that were not actually his and also offering animals as being one thing when it was something else entirely. John was on top of the situation though and took action immediately.

@caine727 by scammer I mean someone trying to rip someone else off. There’s bad customer service, and it’s a whole other level of bad beyond that. Because MorphMarket has thousands of sellers and hundreds of thousands of buyers, we occasionally get a bad actor which could be on the buying or selling side. As @asplundii said, this is true anywhere on the internet.

For buyers we have a guide that recommends how to vet a potential seller:

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I have noticed an increase in scams and scum over the last couple years. People put their money into being breeders, they fail so they start scams, fake hets and genes trying to make their money back. This is along with the non existent animals for sale or those that hold raffles to make extra money.

I don’t know how people don’t see raffles tend to be a scam.

First the prize is a pastave and there is 50 slots at 10.00. Since when has a Pastave been worth 500.00 but people don’t care cause they only spent 10.00 but now this tends to promote flipping and passing along sick animals.

Then you have the raffles where a super nice animal is up for grabs, they ask premium prices and then their fake account or their friend wins. They get the money and the snake, if there is one, never leaves. I’ve literally seen a kid in CA get caught doing this then say it was a joke.

That’s why you HAVE TO DO RESEARCH and even if it’s 10.00 don’t feed into this scammer mentality.

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John, is there a way to leave feedback for deadbeat buyers? As every seller has probably experienced at some point, it is quite frustrating to put time and effort into raising animals, maintaining a website, making sure pictures and information is current, etc only to have buyers show little to no courtesy to sellers. I get it, things come up and for various reasons buyers pass on transactions that they had committed to. But I have noticed a lot of “buyers” negotiate all the way to the point of “agreed, please send me an invoice and I’ll pay” just to completely disappear.

In my opinion, this is completely disrespectful and honestly I’d rather hold on to an animal than sell it to someone with such poor character.

Rant over, but is there a mechanism to report or leave feedback/ratings on deadbeat buyers? If not, are there any plans to add this functionality?

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@coastalconstrictors the problem with allowing any seller to leave unverified public feedback about the buyers is that they will see it. And while your feedback may be legitimate, not all sellers on our site have the same level of maturity, and it will create a real mess.

Put another way, would you want anyone who inquires but does not complete a sale with you to be able to leave public feedback about you? In general, there will be a lot of complaining about rudeness, slow responses, etc, etc, some of which might be true but not all, and none of which most sellers would take the risk of being displayed. I know what they’ll say because we get this feedback we just don’t show publicly display it. We used to show this feedback to sellers privately, and let’s just say that we don’t anymore because of the blowback that comes to us.

So for the same reason that we do not publicly publish feedback that any inquirer has about you, we cannot display feedback you have about them.

That being said, I believe we are collecting the information we need to give sellers more insight into the behavior of individual buyers, in a fair and objective way. We know how many inquires they’ve sent, how much conversation occurred, and now especially that we have completed the ratings system, we have pretty good data around sales that closed. So for example, we could show a very generalized indicator of a sale to inquiry message ratio.

I say very generalized because we want to be sensitive to the privacy of buyers. But we already added an op-out option for buyers long ago to prepare for this on the User Profile page.

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