Leopard/Crested Gecko Morph information

Hello. I am researching leopard gecko and crested gecko morphs and was wondering if anyone could gove me some websites with some.detailed information? Looking as much in depth information as possible.


I can help let me go see if I can get you some links.

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MasterList for Leo Morphs

Crested gecko foundation from learning morphs

Pangea CG morph guide

I hope that these help


Also what do you mean by “in depth”
Examples morph identification, originators, other?

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Some great Crestie links there @lumpy . The foundation genetics is awesome but very confusing, I’m reading through the morphs etc and have done for a few weeks as it’s so In depth, plus I don’t get much time too lol

This is a follow up from the YouTube video

For less complicated morph info I use Pangea also, I also use


Not sure on Leo’s though.

Even to this day I get confused on some Crestie morphs, despite how much research I’m doing!


Hi Fox, thanks for the feedback we’re trying hard to make this less complicated and welcome any feedback on what’s confusing so I can try and look at it from another angle to explain it better, please reply and I’ll do what I can to help.

Part 2/3 will feature a verbal description of each individual trait, a photo of a gecko with the triat isolated, and a illustration from the upcoming interactive morph guide or part 3.

I want this to be a community based resource so your feedback is important, thanks again!


Great, I definitely think pictures of geckos to show what your explaining will help esp if it’s something someone doesn’t know about. Maybe a comparison pic of a another gecko that doesn’t show that trait or something might help sometimes too but that could get confusing lol

It’s a fantastic read and I’m super glad this is finally being done and in such depth too!

There can sometimes be a difference of opinion on traits & genetics and I think this really helps.

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The interactive guide is going to be the main focus for comparing differences between animals to identify traits. The biggest problem in Crested’s was agreeing on the different morphs, and how they interact so I focused on collaboration with multiple breeders with more contributing ever week.

As for part 1 let me know if anything there is confusing.


It’s great work and a great read.

It makes sense, it’s just learning/remembering which genetics carry which trait etc, but I haven’t bred my Cresties yet so I’m sure I will understand it more when I start to breed them :blush:


Ive done so much with BPs, yet thisnseems so foreign to me. I cantnseem tonfins as much information as I did for the BPs…

Crested Geckos are harder with genetics, it basically Comes down to lineage. If you don’t know a crested Geckos lineage, then you won’t know what your Cresties will produce.

Even when you do know lineage, there are still ‘kinder surprise’ offspring too. When I say lineage, that means parents grandparents etc…

Some traits of Cresties need to be paired to another of its type to make more eg soft scale to another soft scale can produce a super soft as we as more soft scale.
However some traits can kill offspring if put together, like Lilly White to Lilly White.

If looking more to identify what traits your Crestie has, rather than potential offspring. I’m trying to get a page on my website to try to make it easier for people :crossed_fingers: it’s new and no way near compete, but if you would like me to send you the link I can.

Or your welcome to post a pic of your Geckos in question for us to give it opinion.


I will get pics n upload of the teeny weeny. He/she is so jumpy its hard to get it too far away from its little home. Im scared to death of losing the little bugger!

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Bless, I find a nice house plant to climb and jump tends to calm the jumpy ones down :grin:

The one is with the flash, and came out looking odd


Very cute little Crestie :grin:

I’d say partial pinstripe, dal spot with portholes.

I’m looking on my phone and it’s hard to tell if it is a harlequin or flame, is your Crestie fired up in the pics, it makes it easier if so, if yes then I’d say flame. Any input @ghoulishcresties


Partial pinstripe with Dal spots and portholes.
Not a flame as their backs are more v like markings :blush:


Thanks for clarifying, it’s hard to tell sometimes when I’m looking on my phone… But so much more convenient when on the go


He/she has little spots on knees as well… is that considered “kneecaps”?

I could be mistaken, but I believe it only classifies as kneecaps if it goes most of the way down the front part of the back legs


Ok thank you. Wasnt sure what the definition was exactly