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Hey yall! I’ve been around for a while but don’t think I’ve ever posted an intro. I’m Julia, and I’ve kept reptiles recently for the last 2 years. I took a break for a decade or so before venturing back into the reptile world. Previously had king and corns. Now I have a beardie, ball, hognoses, cresties, gargs, leopard geckos and an AFT. I also keep a handful of arachnids. Aside from the reptiles, we also have 4 cats and a horse. I grew up loving animals, ALL animals. And that hasn’t changed as an adult.

Most of my reptiles are simply pets and I keep them because I enjoy them, but I absolutely am obsessed with my hognoses and I do plan on breeding them. I have 7 right now, 6 of which are juveniles so I’m playing the waiting game. The pic above is of my yearling superconda het snow, Brenton. Hell eventually be paired to my axanthic het albino female avalon for some snow babies (hopefully, of the odds gods are in my favor). I’ve got two albino condas, three other normals with various hets, and an arctic. I’ve planned out five years of breeding and I am sonstoked to get started. I’ve made some pretty awesome friends because of these guys, and hopefully now that I’m in here I’ll make more.

Anyway, nice to meetcha! And I look forward to talking sneks with everyone.


I’m the same! I’m a disabled/retired veterinarian, and when I was still working, clients and coworkers often had trouble believing that I don’t really have a favorite animal or type of animal. It’s not that I’m ‘not’ a cat person, dog person, gecko person, bird person, etc., it’s that I’m all of those, haha! Though there are a couple animals I really don’t want to be around (e.g., centipedes, wasps), I always feel guilty admitting that, hehe.

Edit: totally forgot to say- welcome (officially) to the forum!! :smiley:


Isn’t it amazing how they can all just draw you in? I used to think I wanted to be a vet. Buuuut then I realized how much I’d have to deal with owners. Who don’t like to listen. No thanks! Lol!!!


Welcome to finally posting and letting us get to know you. Sounds like you have quite the assortment of reptiles and would love to see some pics.
Tired Snake GIF by Marshmallow the Hoggie


I can do pics! Lol. BTW, I love marshy!!! I follow the isn’t ajd am part of the sticker club. Hes what got me hooked on snows.

This is Kane my pied ball male.

Morgan, my 14yo tortie, and lyla, our 1 year old long hair

Brigid, my albino conda.

Keeva, my het toffee, who thinks she’s big and bad (she’s not, but we won’t tell her)

Sèamus, Brigid’s brother

Brenton, superconda het snow

My c. Albostriatus

Ace, our beardie

Lune, super snow eclipse… or… something. I honestly forget. Hes pretty and sweet.

Cormac, arctic boy

Avalon is in brumation, and I have onenother normal boy, but I can’t 100% confirm which pics are him.


Welcome, Julia!

I have been caring for reptiles for the last 5 years. Much like you 90% of what I keep are pets. We keep a beardie, a crested, 2 leos, a pacman frog, a jackson’s chameleon, a cherry head tort, a rainbow boa, a ball, 2 corns, an MBK, and 4 hoggies. Our furrier friends include 2 dogs, a rat, and a guinea pig. I absolutely fell in love with the hogs. The morphs, the physical appearance, the attitude. They are my absolute favorite. I will be pairing my toffeeconda pair up in a few weeks. Fingers crossed for a super!

Welcome. There are some super knowledgeable and friendly people on this site. It is a very awesome community.


Hi and welcome to our family! We all are happy you are here! :heart:


Welcome to the community.

You have some awesome animals & reptiles.

Pieds are my hubby’s favourite with ball pythons.

I love animals, but I’m Crestie mad, got any pics of your Crestie?


I can get on board with anyone who keeps hognoses! Welcome to the community!


I have a bunch of pics of the cresties… .

I dunno why my grow lights make everything purple. I promise they look like white light to the eye.


Haha, natural lighting is best for pics, I struggle getting nice pics on dark days lol I got s light box so I can still take some nice pics throughout winter :grin:

You have some nice looking Cresties. We have a Show off your Cresties page, your more then welcome to join in & I don’t expect you to read the entire thread. But it’s a place to put pics and discuss anything Crestie related :grin:

Plus other pages too!



Loving all the animals :paw_prints: :snake: :lizard:

We have mostly Cresties here, some would argue too many :sweat_smile:
Love your guys :heart::fire:


Yes… yes we do…

Nah I joke there’s over 2000 comments now as we’re a bit obsessed :smirk:


I have read it through lol :joy:


It’s a lot to read :rofl:


Dedication :fire:


To put it into perspective, I have read 82.4 thousand posts since I joined two years ago lol :joy:.


Hubby went on and saw how many posts I had read etc, he called me a geek :sweat_smile: in a good way :rofl:


Those look like some great enclosures! Could we see the whole thing?


Ohhh ill definitely check out the thread. And likely end up reading the whole thing too, cuz i lov eloiking at other peoples babies.

I love them, buuuut my cresties are kinda a$$holes. The bug eaters think i ALWAYS have bugs. And bite me. Repeatedly. And the boys like the shake their heads when they do because… well, balls. The girls let go of me as soon as tjey realize im not food.

Alright… so, enclosures.
Tiny 12x12x12 i was using as a growout. Hes getting moved shortlynonce i finish up the big cage. He was rough on his more delicate plants.

This is brandy’s enclosure. Shes one of the cresties pictired above.

And then this will be tonic’s enclosure once inflesh it out a bit more.

I know i gotta add more foliage into the juvies enclosures. At one point tjey were live planted and then i overwatered, or the cresties were rough on thebplants amd they died.