Market Data Reports

I’m not sure if this is already available to see somewhere, but seeing real market data for categories would be really helpful.
Even if it was just numbers on listings and sales - like total listings, new listings, and sales by category by month. Seeing value would be cool too but not as necessary as simply seeing trends by species.


I like this idea. I don’t think it would be widely used but it’s something I would use to see the popularity of a species/morph. Right now the only things that I’ve seen are the total animals for sale in a category, but it doesn’t show anything like by month or over time.


Not exactly what you’re asking for, but the morphpedia does show the popularity of certain mutations over time.


This is sort of the origins of MorphMarket , but with ball python morphs. These stats are what John set out to find in the beginning, but he got a bit carried away with the programming and here we are today :sweat_smile:

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I haven’t sold any animals so I don’t know the answer to this, but if an animal is being marked “sold” on MM are there options to select where the animal was sold? Like on MM, or expo, or private sale (which would be their own website, or FB, or CL.) That data historically would also be super valuable, and a great capture over the next several months/years as we head into a recession.


Yeah… ish… Not specifically stating where it was sold, but there is a “Sold Elsewhere” option.

But it might be a good idea to look over the idea of adding more options to pick from.

keep the ideas and thoughts coming.


You could also consider trying to get additional data capture when buyers do reviews. A person who will take the time to review a transaction are more likely to complete a short survey. This type of survey would be for MM specifically and not for the breeder, although the data captured should be viewable by sellers.

  1. is this your first time using MM?
  2. Was this an impulse buy or based on a specific search?
  3. What factors of completing this purchase were most important to you?
    a. Number of seller reviews
    b. photo quality
    c. Customer service (sellers willingness to answer questions and provide additional information in a friendly way)
    d. returning customer
    e. had what I was looking for
  4. Reason for purchase?
    a. pet
    b. breeding animal
    c. gift
    d. education

I really think these are something that we should have.


I love this idea!