Morph help cinnamon or not

hi guys just got this new girl,

sold to me as a cinnamon but im in doubt, unfortunately i dont know what pairing she came from, hope you can help me out. thank you so much in advance

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Certainly appears Cinny. What makes you believe otherwise?


thank you! i think it was because she is more “cold” toned than the cinnamons i looked up :smiley:

I wouldn’t have a doubt with that one. Definitely cinnamon

16. Cinnamon

Morph Encyclopedia: #0016


Image from Bcarter35

Base Morph Incomplete Dominance (Co-dom)


The Cinnamon Ball Python is an incomplete dominance (co-dom) mutation that alters both colour and pattern. The name Cinnamon comes from the deep reds that are on show on top of a deep brown (almost chocolate like) background.


Head: The head of a Cinnamon Ball Python is a dark shade of brown that fades towards the neck. Lips usually display bright pink/white scales.

|602x451.98106923025165Image from Hector at 7Snakes

Body: The body of the Cinnamon Ball Python is usually dominated by large chains of “alien heads/keyholes” either connected or very closely beside one another. Where yellows and orange of a Normal Ball Python are, the Cinnamon expresses various shades of brown and cream.

Image from Hector at 7Snakes

Belly: The belly of a Cinnamon Ball Python can shows light patterning and mild spotting along its edges, over bright white scales, however, usually it is clear of markings.

Image from unkn0vvn1221

Tail: The tail of the Cinnamon Ball Python tends to follow the heavy chained pattern of from the body on either side of a thick dorsal stripe.

|602x476.3005393556575Image from Hector at 7Snakes


  • Super: Super Cinnamon. a solid-colored animal with a light, unmarked belly. Overall body coloration may range from rich chocolate to a coal-black.

Image from Shelbie Neece at S+S Reptiles

Known Issues: Super Cinnamon - Duckbill & rare kinking.

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Other images of Cinnamons :

Image from unkn0vvn1221

Image from Holly Jenkins

Multiple Gene Cinnamons :

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Image from Graham Barber at 1Gra1

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Image from Tony Gayter at Alto Pythons

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This should help :yum:


One of the banes of this hobby is that most of the pics you are going to see of these animals are baby/juvenile pics. That is because, by and large, the colour tends to fade and mellow as they undergo their ontogenetic change at around 12-18 months of age. Your animal has undergone that change, which likely accounts for why it seems “cooler” in tone than the pics you looked up