Morph Question!


I work part time at Petco and noticed a super pretty ball python and thought to myself it was spider. Then I thought, “That’s weird you know nothing about ball python morphs. Let’s ask Morph Market!”

So I snapped a few pictures, probably not the greatest, but I would love to see what y’all think!

This last one is a group shot, if anyone is up for a challenge and wants to name em all. I would love it.


Check out my post. Got the same little fella. They said killer bee.

For the other two. The lighter more yellow is probably pastel. Then normal for the darker one. The folks here are going to need better pictures to be accurate

I would love to have gotten better ones, but we were short staffed and there was a line outside the door before we opened and it was SNOWING. Insanity! I legit have thought about buying him though, he’s just so pretty!

ETA:: Oh, I just read your post and two things popped out at me.

  1. You said Killer bee Spider, and you’re right they look extraordinarily similar.
  2. There was mention of a spider issue and hanging upside down… No joke, when I was looking at these guys, the pretty one flipped half upside down, but just for a moment or two.

Yeah that’s the basically what spiders are best known for. Neurological and balance issues but they do just fine with proper care

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I had no idea. I thought he was just being silly in his own little snakey way, lol.

So is this a rare morph? A good morph? An in demand/ popular morph or just a meh morph? What am I looking at here?

I’m gonna say @jeraldtaylor15 got them spot on.
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Not really, a lot of people have trouble selling them because of the “spider wobble”… Its probably the most heated debate in the ball python world.

A absolutely stunning combo (spider super-pastel) that you can use to create some even crazier combos.

Yeah, again I wouldn’t say it’s in demand. If you plan on buying it to sell on for a higher price you may struggle.

So a Killerbee is: spider + super-pastel.
So one copy of the spider gene and two copies of the pastel.
It’s parents pairing was likely a Bumblebee (Pastel + Spider) to a Pastel or Super-pastel

Here are some topics you might enjoy as you learn about them:

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Thank you thank you, I appreciate your thorough answers. I have three heat needy pets already, all of them needing 75 degrees (F) so adding this guy really wouldn’t be an issue… I am so tempted. I have no plans on breeding or selling him if I were to get him though, I just know nothing about the specific morphs.

Thank you again, I will get to reading!


None of those are rare and their popularity has dropped not to mention the market is saturated with them, hence why they are at Petco.


I would look at what they look like as full grown. If you are going to be happy with that then get it. I’m going to be breeding so it was a cheap addition to my starter collection. @eaglereptiles is right about not flipping it. Just won’t happen. It’s either a pet or for breeding depending on you

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So, I just want to make this perfectly clear to anyone and everyone - There is no such thing as flipping or reselling for me when it comes to my animals. If I decide to get this cutie, it will be mine forever. Pets are forever.