MorphMarket NFS Version 1.0

We’ve been talking up MorphMarket NFS for the last few months.

“MorphMarket NFS” refers to a collection of services which enable us to go beyond sales and support all animals in the herp industry including breeders, holdbacks, and pets.

No more talk. Today we have delivered the first installment.

MM NFS 1.0 is live, and it includes:

(1) New capabilities to help you manage your WHOLE reptile collection and history

  • Three visibility settings for ads: Public, Private and Unlisted
  • New animal states: Not For Sale, Loaned and Archived

(2) New Animal Manager to more efficiently Explore, Organize and Update your data

  • More powerful Search, Filter & Sort
  • Inline and Bulk Editing
  • Customizable Interface

(3) Initial Lineage Support

  • Sellers can create parent animals in seconds
  • Buyers can learn more about animals by viewing their parents
  • Not For Sale Animal pages
  • Breeder NFS galleries on Seller Pages

(4) Data Dashboard to help you stay on top of your animal data

  • Analyze summary stats
  • Monitor animal status
  • And explore the animals behind the numbers

At MorphMarket, our goal is not just to provide the industry a platform to buy and sell, but software services which support the entire lifecycle of breeding.

Stay tuned — there’s a lot more coming!

Watch the demo and tutorial videos below to see how to leverage these features.

MM NFS 1.0 Demo

(1/3) The Animal Manager

(2/3) Lineage & NFS Animals

(3/3) The Dashboard

If you have any questions please leave a comment.


I just want to say that John saw everyone’s excitement for this on here and has been working ridiculous hours to get it out to you guys.

This is just version 1.0. There is so much to come from this project, so stay tuned :blush:


It might just not be showing up for me but do you need to be approved for selling? Nothing looks different to me and I didn’t find anything through the menus.


It looks great! Do you think that you’ll add a feet/inches drop down for animal length?


In this initial release, yes. Its currently only available to members with an approved store.
However, this will be available to non-sellers reasonably soon.

I’ll add this to our ticket :blush:


I was excited for this, started adding some of my snakes… only to be a bit disappointed to find out that I’d have to pay for a membership plan again to be able to add my entire collection on there, let alone display them.

Guess I’ll have to budget for a membership if I want the full use out of these new features :joy:


Feedback noted :blush:


I’m also excited about this! It’s a great way to display the parents of the babies I’m selling, and even some of my lovely holdbacks.

Are there any plans to allow for sorting by species on the “Animals” page? This would be really helpful to me, and probably to other people who work with more than one species. Right now the species is lumped in with “Title” and the title is usually the snake’s morph.

I have some morphs (like albino for example) across multiple species, so sorting by morph doesn’t help. Typing the species name in the search bar doesn’t seem to work either.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’m extremely excited about this, in case you couldn’t tell! MorphMarket is where I prefer to spend my online time for a number of reasons. High on that list is the pleasure and the ease of sliding along from one species to another and getting a much better feel for the hobby as a whole than is typically available on other platforms. Being able to share my collection here, from the oldest, longest tenured member to the littlest, youngest holdback or purchase is a wonderful feature. And being able to enjoy others’ collections in this way? Priceless!


Absolutely amazing guys! thank you for your hard work!


It is a very easy process, I am already approved for a store but I am not paying for it yet.


Guess it wasn’t too ambitious after all! Very nice job guys,


Wow! Didn’t think it would come so fast! Like many others, I don’t currently have the budget for a membership right now, but if I ever find the money to do it I will definitely give it a go! Thanks for your dedication @john, @eaglereptiles, and any others that helped!


Yep! Click the Customisation button and scroll down and select “Category”. Then use the up arrow next to it to bump it closer to the start of your page.


I like the clean look it has on my phone. I’m excited to dive in and explore when I’m at my computer.


To all those of you who aren’t selling but want to make use of the collection management management aspects.

Yes. We will be adding “User Memberships” which are lower priced, monthly memberships, which add this and other features, like prioritized alerts (coming) and enhanced profile.


Awesome!! Many thanks!


Sweet, thanks! I’ve seen too many 12 meter baby corns! Really makes me think I need to up my feeding schedule!


I’ve noticed those 12m baby corns too, lol!

Let me say again that I love the NFS and the accompanying Collection additions. I was thinking that a nice additional capability would be the ability to simply swipe through the animals once one was brought up on the screen. This would actually be pretty great with the animals for sale, also. (If this is already doable and I simply haven’t figured out how to do it, my apologies.)


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