Parthenogenesis and null allele

Can a null allele happen in conjunction with parthenogenesis? I have a friend who has produced a super cinny from partho which also has pastel. He thinks there is only a single copy of pastel involved.

My understanding is that a partho offspring will create a super ?

Any geneticists please advise 🖒

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@fireflypied what was the mom’s genetics? I produced super mojaves and a super enchi hypo from a mojave enchi het hypo female who laid a partho clutch.

Let’s tag some people that can share some light on the subject @warren_booth @cold-heartedexotics @t_h_wyman


Mum was a pewter.

If you had a partho clutch from a Pewter than you would get SuperPewter (i.e., SuperCinny SuperPastel), SuperCinny, SuperPastel, and WT. You could not get a single gene Pastel out of it. :+1:t4:

Thanks for the clarification. This is what I thought would be the case.