Parthenogenesis and null allele

Can a null allele happen in conjunction with parthenogenesis? I have a friend who has produced a super cinny from partho which also has pastel. He thinks there is only a single copy of pastel involved.

My understanding is that a partho offspring will create a super ?

Any geneticists please advise 🖒


@fireflypied what was the mom’s genetics? I produced super mojaves and a super enchi hypo from a mojave enchi het hypo female who laid a partho clutch.

Let’s tag some people that can share some light on the subject @warren_booth @cold-heartedexotics @t_h_wyman


Mum was a pewter.

If you had a partho clutch from a Pewter than you would get SuperPewter (i.e., SuperCinny SuperPastel), SuperCinny, SuperPastel, and WT. You could not get a single gene Pastel out of it. :+1:t4:


Thanks for the clarification. This is what I thought would be the case.

Sorry, I just aw this. Yeap, Travis nailed it. Basically, any alleles present in the mother as a heterozyous state, will be homozygous in the parthenogenetic offspring. So, Lets say the mother is het albino. The parthenogen would be normal, or albino. Not hets would be produced.



Parthogenesis is the replication of any, or all of the females possible genetics without fertilization from a male. In this case with a Pewter you could get Normals, Cinnys, Pastels and Pewters (and they would all be females).

Null allele is different, and a lot of people confuse this with parthogenesis. For a simple example- In the event of a Super Cinny from a Cinny that would be a null allele. In other words, there is one non functional copy of the Cinny in the Super Cinny. You can breed that Super Cinny all you want and you will not produce all Cinnys.

Warren and I have both posted the accurate results of what partho generates, what you have posted here is completely incorrect.

From work done by Warren, “null allele” is not happening in our animals. every case he has seen where “nuller” was claimed turned out to be androgenesis

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What is androgenesis? Not come across.this term before?

Sorry for slow reply, been off grid.

Androgenesis is most easily thought of a male parthenogenesis; The only genetic contribution in the embryo/offspring comes from the male.

Do we know what happens if we breed an andro to a partho?

To the best of my knowledge no one has ever done this.

I do know that Warren has found, from breeding parth animals that he produced, that their viability and fecundity is really low. If memory serves me, all the parth animals he has bred have passed.


Has does androgenisis work with reptiles? Does an egg play any part?

$2 overview: A sperm combines with an egg that lacks any genetic payload. The Chromosomes from the sperm get doubled and then zygote development continues like normal.