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Seeing many passing animals as of late had me thinking it would be nice to have a memorial thread where people can post their loved animals there.

Losing a pet can be every bit as devastating to some as any loss of a human.

I think posting something for not only support, it is helpful emotionally to grieve and honor our babies. It is nice to memorialize our babies and helps to heal. I think sharing stories of how they lived or how they may have saved our lives is therapeutic for everyone. It helps having connection and keeping happy memories alive heals. We all grieve in different ways, but we all grieve and sometimes putting it out there alows us not dwell in our head.

I think I’d be a nice section to have. Is that something people would be interested in having? I have no doubt that everyone here loves their animals as more than just a snake, or a spider but a beloved family member.


We actually do have one, I just totally forgot about it because it tends to get buried in all the general reptile chatter


Nice maybe a pin to keep on top so people can more readily find it? Thanks for pointing it out.


The problem with this is that there is probably 50+ threads that should be pinned for convenience… The Glossary - Wiki for example. But that would be really annoying for new users that don’t know about unpinning and they constantly see the same threads on every refresh.

We have been very very picky about what we do and don’t pin and for how long, but if we can work on a better method (such as making use of a “banner” tool we have yet to work out) and sub-pinning then we can definitely be more productive with pins… We will look into it more :blush:


Of course everything takes time aand refinement.