Share your pictures of Brazilian Rainbow Boas

Brazilian Rainbow Boas vary quite a bit in patterns and colors, so let’s see that variety!

I’ll kick it off:
Here’s our adult male, K’uychi (~1.2kg) who is an awesome Animal Ambassador in our science outreach group.

Here’s Mach’acuay (~1kg), our immature female. She’s more orange-y than our male, so if they decide to produce offspring some day, it will be interesting to see the colors they develop.


those are some beautiful babies!

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I’ve never kept them, but I did find this one in the Peruvian Amazon.
Wild Rainbow Boa, Peru





Love the side-by-side of these two!

That’s amazing - great find!!

Here’s my boy Dr Strange (I call him Stephen) :slight_smile:


What!!:smiley::smiley::smiley: That is so cool!!! Wow!!! If I saw a wild BRB I’m pretty sure I’d cry tears of joy​:blush: What a gorgeous snake too!

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Here are some of mine, adults and babies :slight_smile:

44485726_10161220550105651_6217581119399788544_o IMG_20181118_102633~2 photo_2019-10-31_00-00-21 copy 1425537265.shadowwolf_10974553_10155284256040651_3199819322568750230_o
(This last baby was in shed, but I thought the smoky/milky look was neat enough for a photo).


They are some really stunning animals :heart_eyes:

Someone in my area just got one of these and posted in a fb group that they are looking to get rid of it…if I were a couple more years into the hobby I would jump at the chance. As it is I have higher priorities with BPs but I’m kinda bummed they look so incredible

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I’d jump at the chance to have one of these guys as just a pet, if you can spare the room and the funds I’d really consider it if I was you. This could end up a future Deals you wish you had taken post of yours :joy:

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Very good point

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Quick update: this started when a girl listed a baby rainbow boa in a reptile fb group I’m in. She said she had wanted a snake for a long time, got him and was completely terrified and needed to get rid of him ASAP.
I was not going to buy it but just messaged asking if I could help, gave her some basic advice and after seeing this thread I message her so see how she was doing and she said he ate, she’s started handling him and she’s going to keep him now and the advice was a big help. Feels good I hope she has him for a long time and enjoys him!


All the animals and this thread are so gorgeous!!! Congrats everyone!


Y’all are making me want a rainbow boa again. If I was gonna get one, I would get a bullseye BRB. But right now I have my sights set on a CBB fire skink. Not sure if I will end up going through with it if I keep seeing BRBs. :joy:

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Here are a few of mine


5yo female - jezabel aka jeezy. Super chill just like the snowman but the most stubborn of my 13 snakids. Typically shes trappin at night and slaying any beat like a true wordsmith… Semi Abboreal, she love trees. A true degenerate this 1 is.