Show Off Your Cresties 🤩

I’ve never owned a Crestie that heavy. Will be interesting to see how much bigger she is to my other Cresties

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You haven’t have you, blimey, Big Mama can get to 70 not laying. God knows what these will be like! :joy:


Penny Nearly fully fired :laughing:


Very cute :heart_eyes:

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Think I’m going to submit this guy as my Reptile Of The Month
Incase some of you don’t know about it yet :wink:

This guy just loves to hug plants :hugs:


So cute!! :heart_eyes:

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He’s stunning!


He does love the camera :camera:

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Have a rack coming tomorrow to put all the babies on! Finally ordered it, and setting up my mister also!
Also picking up another viv to do up for females so I can part some up since Big Mama tried to bully Crème Brûlée when I first added her to the group. I took Big Mama out and put her with Spike for the night and added her in again next day and she’s been perfect since. Was strange though as never has she done this with any other females! So I will be parting them both, regardless of the fact they’ve been fine since.
But now I need to go get gorilla glue tomorrow too and sort this viv out! Also need to get plants! :sweat_smile:

I will also add, No harm was done to either Cresties. But That’s why you watch Cresties when adding new ones if you keep any in groups. Even though cresties are relatively chilled out geckos, you can’t be too careful! As said, this is the first time Big Mama has ever been a little bully, she’s one of the most chill cresties I own, just maybe she’s happy with her group and didn’t want to add another in which is fair enough in my opinion!

Though I will also add that Cherry was accepted into her new group fine with no problems and they all like her :joy:


Yey, more room for cresties :lizard: I need a new rack (if husband will let me :sweat_smile:) but the rack I have is out of stock so will have to wait.

Maybe Big Mama is due to lay soon? I’ve read they don’t like change when they are just about to lay, or maybe she was just asserting her dominance lol

I’m not getting Berb till sept run now as the only day of the year I can’t do, was the day they wanted to delivery her :pensive: typical…I hate waiting :sob:

I’m thinking of getting a mister but they all seem too powerful so I haven’t got one yet, let meet know what you think of your mister please? :grin:

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She only laid around a week and a half ago.
So for sure her being dominant, she’s clearly not wanting to add another to her group which is fine!

Give Steve a message! He just started and he’s usually good for adding people on if he can! He’s collecting 4 cresties from me on Saturday :sweat_smile:

We use a mitsking. We have one for each rack and a separate one for the frogs. Amazing I think, you can obviously set how many times a day it goes off for at what times and also for how long :blush:

Thanks but Extreme Cresties only use Ridgeway Courier and it’s already paid for.

With regards to the mistking, I meant about the spray being to fast/strong for the Cresties. But I guess if it’s split between them it won’t be as strong

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Tom was happy for us to use Steve back along so bit strange! :blush:

Ah. Yeah no it’s not strong, have singles on 45x45x60 and double on 60x45x60s and it’s ideal!

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I’m not sure I’d be able to get the money back from the courier company anyway so I will wait. I’ve waited this long, I’m sure a few more weeks won’t hurt.

Here is Caramel, I believe she is going to lay duds soon as she has been digging up the soil… Despite the lay box lol
She isn’t quite ready to breed yet, hopefully next year :crossed_fingers:


Is she going with the Milky Way too? :blush:
I really like her! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m really not sure, he is my best male ATM as his got great lineage… But at the same time I don’t want all the offspring too be from the same dad and I expect the offspring will be so good,I won’t want to sell any :sweat_smile: it’s such a hard decision but probably lol

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Luckily you have time to decide on pairings!
It’s not an easy decision I must say :sweat_smile:
I at first regretted putting Cracker to Kaneki since KJ his son is brighter in contrast and thought she should’ve gone to him as she’s got bright white. but I’ve got some amazing hatchlings out so maybe next year I’ll put her to KJ instead!
And with this new yellow, I was thinking KJ for yellow tricolours, but then what about yellow lilywhites?!
Well I’m putting her to Haise this year to see as they’re both very light in colour, so decided on a different male entirely!
But my gosh it’s not easy, you may regret a pairing but you can put her with another male and they usually swap sperm right away.
Just depends on what you would like out really! I’m al for tricolours of all kinds right now, extremes and reds/tangerines.
Next year I’m lost excited for Naruto meeting some ladies!! :heart_eyes:


Didn’t you know that CG never use their layboxes?

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I’ve got several tri-colours in the mix so will be interesting. ATM I really want to see what I can make from these Cresties, esp Caramel & Vanilla… They both have great yellow & cream colouring (the reason I chose them) and Caramel doesn’t have any spots which I want to see if her offspring continue without them. I’ve got so many ideas of what I want but it’s still difficult to decide who goes to who first lol

I feel bad for the other males if Milkyway has them all lol but like I said, he will likely produce the better offspring. I say better, I mean more to what I want.

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