Show Off Your Cresties 🤩

She’s not searching for them, she’s digging to lay more!
They don’t check on eggs after. But a couple weeks after laying they start digging to then lay again in another couple weeks.
That’s a great sign for you and her for next year :star_struck:

Dammit, was so hoping for a couple clutches for you for this year :pensive:

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Vanilla has been doing it every night since she laid! Which is why I assumed it was because I’d taken the eggs out.

I’ve not completely lost hope, but I am considering not counting Gingerbread Latte next year and breed Vanilla instead as she seems ready.

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It’s all new, and maybe so late in the season didn’t help? Some girls stop laying earlier than normal.
Or maybe you’ll find surprises left for you when you least expect it and she did catch! :crossed_fingers:t2:

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I hope so :pensive:



Anyone heard of a fingerling? I have a new one!


Baby cresties are so cute :heart_eyes:


What Crestie?
That’s my fingerling! :upside_down_face:


Hahaha :rofl:

So I decided to see if Gingerbread Latte would accompany Strawberry as Strawberry has wanted a friend for a while and Strawberry has tried to make friends, but Gingerbread Latte is being mean and aggressive :pensive: so she is going on a small enclosure till I can search for eggs.

Maybe barb will be a better friend :thinking: I will wait a few days to give Strawberry some recovery time


Hello all!
Finally have 2 approaching breeding age. Both are from PNJ Exotics.
This is Darmok

This is Jalad

Both are just a scale under 40 grams and eating like crazy!


This is Darmok being silly!


These are my youngsters.
Tangelo- AC Reptiles Tangerine Soft Scale

Sevanna- Sevachko Exotics Orange Quadstripe

Saguaro- Sevachko Exotics Orange Pinstripe

Clementine- AC Reptiles Tangerine Soft Scale Quadstripe

Sadly it will be a long wait to see babies out of them!


Are they from his tangerine line? As I’ve seen his tangerines and they’re all very orange, so I’m assuming they’re from his tangerine line, not tangerine themselves?…

I have tangerines myself :blush:
I work with them, Infact they’re my fav pair! Don’t tell the others :sweat_smile:

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As I understand it from his site the Bubble Gum Tangerine color can be over the whole gecko if the base is light enough, or like these, Tangerine markings on a lavender (black, olive, etc.) base.
These 2 do have the pinkish cast but it doesn’t show up well in pics.
Fairly new to gecko color genetics, but I’m learning.

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I love your soft scale :two_hearts: I have 2, 1 from the orange line. 1 will be breeding next year :crossed_fingers: and then the other will be at weight the year after so I will be hopefully getting soft scales soon​:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Here are my soft scales

Rainbow Drop



I can’t wait for Super Softs!

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That pic of Tangelo is not very representative of his true color.
Will try to get a better pic tonight when the crickets come out! Ha!

Bubble gum line is something completely different again.

With tangerines the whole Crestie is tangerine. Any Crestie can have the orange like markings see. Tricolours for instance have orange.
And with the bubble gum line from speaking to him it’s the laterals are pink.
But the Crestie is again all tangerine from when I was looking to buy from him.
He’s selling ones like yours as ‘tangerine pigmentation’. Because I’m assuming they’re not all tangerines but only top and sides have the orange colour. :blush:

We’re they brought directly from him?


Just seen this!
I can’t believe she’s a moody one too :sweat_smile:
She doesn’t look mean at all, silly girl. Maybe she just likes being on her own, or like Big Mama, just randomly took a disliking to one!

I bet Berb would be, Extremes lot are so chill. Both my girls from him I got recently each joined another 2 and all getting along!

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Thanks for the clarification! I really am just learning, so all info is appreciated.
They were purchased from 2 different breeders here on MM.