We Need Your Help!

No! No! That’s the one question that I was thinking we COULD ask him as it would be kind of an easing in/transition question……

How did you know what I was thinking :thinking:



That’s clearly EXACTLY the question which only Travis can answer and which I know beyond a doubt that he’s simply itching to explain to us!!! :rofl: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue: :crazy_face: :joy:

(Just kidding, Travis. We love you!)


Sounds like you want this thread Riley :wink:

Travis’ answers await!


Thank you all for the love ans support and thoughts. I am sorry it took me so long to get back

TL;DR update:

Physically I am back to about 93-95%. I wear out and get tired easier than before and my bladder seems to have originally been run by the, now missing, left so my restroom schedule is now very strange because righty is still trying to figure it all out LOL. Other than that, I have some new scars and that is about all there is to show for it all

Mentally… I appear to be having some lingering after-effects from anesthesia. My brain just blips in the middle of a conversation or a thought. It is a struggle for me because I am very much NOT used to being inarticulate (imagine me spending ten minutes in a conversation saying “bitamin V” instead of “vitamin B”, knowing that I am doing it, but not being able to stop myself. Or being unable to verbally say my brother’s name or even just simply say “my brother” even though it is clear in my head)
As far as my wife… She is in a weird limbo state. They will not activate my voucher for her until her GFR drops to 15 or lower and she keeps bobbling between 18-23. This frustrates her to no end because she is always tired and feels unproductive and unable to change it. So we are stuck in the waiting game for the time being
And that is about the lay of the land right now


Welcome back @t_h_wyman! Glad you’re feeling mostly better and i hope you’re not stuck in the waiting game for too much longer!


I’m glad you are resurfacing slowly because even a little bit may be too much. Like everyone else here, I have missed you and your infinite wisdom!

Happy New Year :confetti_ball::fireworks::balloon: and welcome back! :+1:


Welcome back! I am sorry you and your wife are still struggling. hopefully you will be back to 100% soon!


Hey Travis,

I just want to say I have been praying and really had you and your wife on my mind. I am happy to have this update so I have a better idea of the situation. I am sorry that it continues to be a struggle. I know that there is little to nothing I can do but I am believing for you both. I think the world of you and praying that you both feel better soon.


God hears instantly but heals and restores in His Own Time And For His Own Good Purpose.

But you already know that don’t you Riley? :heart:


Welcome back, @t_h_wyman, in whatever amount you choose to be here!! I am glad you’re feeling mostly above 90%. I’m sorry that your wife is still in limbo. I’m also sorry that you’re struggling with the weird brain issues. It’s truly a bizzare sensation when things like that happen.

I unfortunately have some experience with similar brain blips since I was shocked in 2015. It’s a terrible feeling when it happens. To go from being tolerably eloquent and reasonably articulate to being unable to produce a familiar word or phrase is beyond frustrating. Thanks be to God, the brain is an organ with wondrous plasticity. I know that there are various approaches to handling aphasias. Hopefully soon you’ll find what helps for you. (For me, if a term wouldn’t come in English, I could often find it in French - then I could usually get it in English.) My challenges have improved a lot, though there are still times when the words just won’t come.

You and your wife and family have stayed very much in my prayers. I will keep right on praying that the current frustrations will soon melt away and the problems will be resolved. And that voucher will be activated and she’ll get that new kidney. :pray: :heart:


WOW. Can i just say wow?
I’ve just gotten myself caught up on all of the developments here and i have to say i am floored by your dedication, your love for your wife, and your resilience in the face of medical incompetence. I’m so happy that you finally got your surgery finished. Glad to hear you are doing well.
The brain stuff is unfortunate. I’ve been dealing with something similar as a result of my past concussions. I don’t know if yours will wear off or not, but it would be best to keep an eye on it. And go back to the doctors if it is interfering with you on a significant level. Certain meds can have big risky side effects. Especially anesthesia. A lot of meds can have negative impacts on your memory. If you did develop some side effects, perhaps there is a way to manage it.
I’m sending you good vibes from the NW. May your wife get her kidney voucher asap. From the sounds of it, she picked the right guy.