What new reptiles have you bought recently? 2.0

I’ve had my eyes on tiger centipedes. They seem like a pretty fun and easy species to keep. That might be worth something looking into.


Ok thank you!!!:heart::+1:


Here’s a good thread I started once…


I honestly didn’t know this. On the issue of handling centipedes, most of what I’ve read and heard is basically “Don’t.” That said, I haven’t researched it all that thoroughly, as I’ve never been interested in keeping centipedes, so thank you for the new information! It does make sense, given that most of them have pretty mild venom.

Still…those toxicognaths freak me out. :grimacing:


I should have elaborated on that, it’s generally not a good idea (compared to holding reptiles), and if you handle the centipede you may or may not get bitten (you just have to expect that you will and take precautions). If you hold them in their enclosure, and let them crawl on your hand, you’re pretty safe and it can be enjoyable, but if you try to pick them up (scooping might be safe), then you’ll probably stress them out and get bit (until they are tamed, and it depends on the individual and the species). It all depends on the species, so if you want to try handling, do your research on the species and pick a safe and calm species.


It seems like it’s a similar principle as with spiders. Know the species, know the temperament of the individual, and maybe, in certain situations, gentle and careful handling is possible and enjoyable.

Are centipedes prone to bite defensively? I know I’m not that worried about my widow spider biting me, despite her spicy venom (I don’t handle her, but she recently accidentally ended up crawling on my hand) because widows really only bite defensively if they’re squeezed or pinched (or defending an egg sac). If she’s startled or stressed, she’ll bolt before she’d bite. Now I’m curious if centipedes are similar, or if they’re more prone to go straight to biting if startled. I suppose it probably depends on the species and individual.

Clearly I have more research to do on centipedes! They are pretty fascinating creatures. I still don’t want one as a pet, but now I do want to learn more about them.


I am so stoked - this insanely beautiful IMG boy arrived today! Had him on hold since January.
FedEx dropped the ball a bit so he spent an extra day in transport limbo, which had me SUPER worried, but he arrived alive and aside from being cold seems alert and healthy.

Pictures do not do him justice. Once he settles in and I am able to really handle him I’ll have to try for some better pictures.


So pretty! Love the tail, looks like dark orange is trying to break out!


The species I had (S. dehaani) was very aggressive and I’ve read many things where people would just shift something in the enclosure and get bit (often picking up a decoration the centipede was in). But, some species are calmer than others. In general I really don’t know, but there are some species that I’ve read are pretty calm (but I don’t really know what that means in terms of centipedes).


Beautiful! I love the intricacies in his pattern. I’m glad he made it safely! It stresses me out so much when they’re delayed.


1.1 eastern indigo
0.1 Texas indigo
0.1 Mexican Indigo Guerrero locality


Indigos are stinking cool!!


More new arrivals!

Posted about this dude in the MRC chat, but finally got a better pic of him:

A decently established male tricolor hognose to eventually be bred with my female I’ve been raising up! I’ve named him Chester to match Checkers as our female.

I also just got this girl today — a nearly full grown if not full grown female normal reticulated python.
Excuse my weird double chin, she was wrapped around me and squishing my neck fat up against my face :joy::rofl:

I’m gonna have to double check her sex but she’s nearly 4 years old, and is only around 8 foot or so. Thought she could have dwarf blood in her but I suppose that depends on if she’s actually a she or not :joy:

Edit: Bit of a better picture since Robbie got home from work — I did try to pop her and also palpate her tail and did not see/feel any hemipenes — so I think it’s safe to say likely a female? I might have to reach out to someone who works with retics who can accurately sex her to double check though.


Nice snakes! How is the tri hog’s temperament? Retic looks very inquisitive and active, like they should! It would be extremely hard to pop a snake that size unless very experienced, I know I couldn’t for sure! So I wouldn’t be surprised if she is a he. As for the size, alot depends on food intake not just genetics, so I couldn’t guess if it’s dwarf or sd or mainland. My high percentage sd male is probably close to 7’ and I have seen mainland 8’ breeder males so hard to guess without info on parents. The retic does have some awesome dark coloring and nice orange coloring as well as a great pattern, very good looking one!


So small and lovely :heart_eyes: for a little while! Until it’s big and stunning. Nice pickup.


Very pretty! I’m with @banereptiles, it would be extremely difficult to pop a snake that size. I wouldn’t consider that she’s really a she based upon failure to pop male. I’m not comfortable making a guess on gender, just saying that popping is best for smaller snakes. Beautiful snake,
whatever gender. Beautiful hognose, too.


The tricolor boy so far seems to be a little flighty and will tail rattle at me, but once he’s calmed down a bit he does well with handling.
Much unlike my female who is in food mode all the time and takes a bit to snap out of it even after she’s out of her tub :joy:

As for the retic, all I did manage to pop out was scent glands, so I might be wrong on them being a her.
Like I said I’ll likely have to reach out to a retic breeder in the area to see if they’d be able to sex them for me!


Yeah that’s totally fair, I even struggle to pop adult ball pythons so I’m not gonna 100% say she’d a definite female until I can get someone more experienced to take a look at her!



Love the pic where its looking straight at the camera! Pretty ball python you got!