What new reptiles have you bought recently?

Beautiful Leopard het Clown I picked up at the Tampa Repticon just fresh out of shed. Last pickup for a long while…I hope.

Dont mind the clutter in the background.


I’ve had Anselm here about 1.5 months now. My very first snake. She’s a Pueblan Milk Snake, and compared to the male kingsnake my friend has, she seems to have a female tail so I’m going with that for now, despite calling her “Anselm”.

She was super-wriggly and musky when I first got her, but after almost-daily handling, she’s calmed down, although she sometimes still gets spooked. She only musks maybe once every 4 or 5 times I handle her now, as opposed to every single time multiple times when I first got her.

She wasn’t marked as any particular morph when I got her at the expo, but she seems to be an oreo, based on the widened black stripes that cover up a lot of the red a normal would have.

She came to me with a stuck eye cap from her prior shed, but I made a humid hide and after a few days of hiding in that she managed to get rid of it.


Well, I was searching the community for Black Devil BCIs… but now I reallllly need a picture of these rats


@solsticeroyals Let me see if I can get some good pictures! Rats are hard to photograph. I also have the hairless mertins Red Devils! Been working on them awhile. I may take my rat line a little to serious!


@solsticeroyals ok best I could get I have some that are solid black as well but there not cooperating lol.


I’ll stop commandering this thread but THANK YOU!!! They are ADORABLE!

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I’ve wanted a Dumeril’s Boa for years now and someone local had a pair available. I couldn’t help myself.