Whats up with spiders

What’s the big controversy about spider ball pythons, I know they have a head wobble but are they still good breeding specimens?

Yes, the head wobble comes from the genetic mutation that makes the spider morph. There is a huge variety when it comes to the severity of the head wobble. It can be basically unnoticeable or where the animal cannot right it’s self, but animals of this horrible degree are very rare and usually caused by inaccurate husbandry on the owners part. Stress can cause the expression of the wobble to worsen. The most prominent time you will notice it, is when handling or when feeling, because these are stressful stressful.


This a controversial topic that has been discussed back and forth pretty exhaustively, I’d recommend checking out this thread - Ethics of Spiders and Spider Breeding


You beat me to it. :rofl: There is also a lot of information in this thread: