Who are the pituophis fans here?

Over the years I’ve had many pitouphis and I’m getting back into them so I’m curious who else here is working with Pituophis and what kinds. Tell me what your favorite is and why and share some pictures of course.
Right now aside from the hybrids I have 0.2 Sonoran Gophers and 1.0 Great basin gopher, but I’m hoping to add some bulls and more gophers this year.


I used to have pacific gopher snakes and a rescue bullsnake, but I think If I were to start keeping colubrids again, I’d try to find Baja gopher snakes and Mexican lined pine snakes. I also really like some of the redder specimens of Sonora gopher snakes. Deppei are pretty too. And southern pine. I like black pines but I probably won’t keep them due to the permit situation.


@westridge Those are all excellent choices indeed. In most states you only need a permit to transport black pines across state lines I believe. If you purchase them cb within your state it’s not an issue if memory serves. Of course do your own research to verify. I had a few black pines back before they were listed as protected and they’re worth the trouble if you have the opportunity.


I’ve got 3 janis and a lodingi- they’re great snakes!
I’m planning on breeding the janis in several years when they’re ready but no plans to breed black pines- he’s just a cool pet :slight_smile:

I’d love to get some lineaticollis eventually but they’re not the easiest snakes to find.


Beautiful animal! I love how they look like two snakes in one.


Best looking female I ever owned, but projects change, and I cut down on species a few years back.


That’s a great looking red!


Thats a good looking snake :blush:.


So this is the Great Basin Gopher I was given this past weekend. Thought I’d give him a better look over now that hes had a few days to digest his meal and settle in. I was told he’s a biter, but so far I’m not seeing that at all. A few things he doesn’t like, but after he warms up to you for a couple of minutes he is perfectly fine.
Pituophis catenifer deserticola


Decided to name him Charlie Brown. His colors remind me of the character plus if he everdoes bite me at a presentation I get to exclaim, “oooouuuuch, Charlie bit me! Why’d you bite me Charlie!?”


Not a breeder or anything, but I love the species and am a big fan of Axanthic bull snakes. I love the way bull snakes look and their size, as well as gopher snakes in general


Bull snakes. My first Loves! :heart::heart::heart: Grew up catching and releasing these guys in Colorado as a kid! Great beginner snake for me, and keepers of this species tend to be super cool too!

Not sure i will go back since I’m way more into the smaller colubrids These days…but still top favorite snake!


I recently picked up 1.2 Otay Mountain locale San Diego gophers and an additional female Sonoran gopher from Harcuvar Wendon, AZ. This is the first to get any decent photos and its Zim, one of the female P. C. Annectens (San Diego). These 3 are the most rambunctious snakes i have and the other 2 are absolute spitfires. This one is fairly okay for handling.

I just love all the yellow in the face and belly and the red and orange undertones riddled throughout what at a glance just looks like a brown snake.


Greetings, I have been having a hard time finding pictures of the various morphs of bull snakes. I have found a few places that list them, but I thought of something fun to do and also informative. If you have pictures of bull snake morphs or you just want to show off your bull snakes I thought it would be fun to have a board devoted to that. Plus people like me get a chance to see those colors and patterns we like so much.


I don’t own any bullsnakes, but the Snake discovery channel has a series of videos all about bullsnakes morphs!


VERY beautiful annectens , lots of black on the backs for soaking up that heat.


I’ve been working with Pituophis exclusively for over 2 decades and don’t regret a single minute.

Here’s a few pics.

THANKS for lookin’

2020 MULTI HET P .c. annectens

HET T+ x GREEN SNOW P .c. annectens

2020 HI-YELLOW SNOW x GREEN SNOW P .c. annectens

2020 HR SUPERHYPO (hi-red albino x superhypo) P .c. annectens

2020 AXANTHIC ? / GHOST ? P .c. annectens

2020 EXR SUPERHYPO (extreme red albino x superhypo) P .c. annectens


All beautiful, but those super hypos and exr supers are :fire::fire: :fire:


Appreciate your positive feedback my friend , its a very rewarding feeling to see these two lines that I created combined in visual form. 2020 was the first time I’ve seen offspring of this genotype and these phenotypes
Sure makes for the possibility of some future interesting offspring , if not simply due to the fact there is some variability within the first clutches.