Arctic's Introduction

Hello everyone! I am Arctic, a new and happy owner of a four month old Pastel Lesser Ball Python named Castor.
I have fallen in love with the species and hope to eventually breed my own Ball Pythons in years to come. I am working on a Bioactive vivarium, getting Springtails and Isopods, and collecting information on every topic I come across.
My main morph interests are: Lesser; Mojave; GHI; Clown; Russo; Pastel; Calico; Enchi; Bamboo; and Pieds.


Hello Arctic, welcome to the community! :smiley: We have alot of great knowledge and kind people here. We hope you and Castor can make yourselves comfortable! :smile:


Thank you! I have found some interesting topics so far and can’t wait to read more!

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Welcome! Castor is adorable :heart:
I hope you enjoy it here! :grin:


Welcome Arctic :blush:
It’s nice to see enthusiastic new owners. You will find lots of extremely useful information on here and make a lot of friends if you stick around :wink:

I hope you have some self control though. Give it a few weeks on here and you’ll have a house full of reptiles and no money for food :joy:

Here are a few threads on the morphs you like to get you started…

Let’s see them Mojaves

Anna I hope your ready :blush: show me them Bamboos

Calico… The messier the better

Clown and clown combo thread!

Piebald morph combos

Piebald… More than just a morph

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Haha, I have become a MorphMarket stalker! I watch what gets posted and put some in my wishlist to see how fast some snakes sell. It’s a bit of a problem. XD
I am not allowed another snake until I move out, so we shall see where that goes. For now I am happy with Castor, and I really can’t wait for him to get bigger! I have enjoyed getting to know his personality a little bit here and there; he is a charmer!

Thanks for the links! I shall enjoy them thoroughly. :slight_smile:


Dont worry I do the same thing. xD Hopefully Castor will grow up to a strong healthy snake! :muscle:

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Welcome to the community.
If you ever decide to purchase a calico, I would suggest the Flora and Fauna line. That line of calico produces amazing hatchlings with beautiful white sides similar to spider.

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I shall keep that in mind when I go to buy one! Thank you. :slight_smile: