Let's discuss this month in videos

What videos have you watched this month that you want to share and discuss with others?

Maybe there something you didn’t understand or need answers too.

Maybe someone just has a cool collection you think deserves to be seen.

If you have made a video yourself and want to share it with the community post it here, anything from tours to weekly instalments.


  • This is NOT a place to bash and badmouth other keepers and breeders, if that’s what you wish to do then head over to the YouTube comment section.

  • If you wish to post your own videos, please make sure they are family friendly or marked as “NSFW”.


  • Only share videos that have been posted since February 1st.

  • Credit the creator wherever possible.

YouTube is the preferred platform as videos play perfectly within the comments, without need to leave the forum.


I have mentioned on here before that Olympus Reptiles is my favorite YT follow, they have recently started a mini series on the step by steps of starting the business side of the hobby. I think they have done 4 so far, I’ll link part one below.


Been trying to become more active on my youtube channel. Looking to build subscribers and interactions. I do have feeding videos on the channel but I won’t share those directly here. Here’s a couple of my recent ones… and a couple not as recent lol


Gaboon Viper Vs Puff Adder… 2 of Africa’s deadliest snakes.

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