Making the most of isolation

It seems most, if not all of us, are eventually going to be self isolating or in a lockdown situation at some point or another. Rather than sitting around scratching our heads and worrying about the world outside, let’s use this time, that on any other occasion we would yearn for, productively.

This forum is going to be a light in a dark place for a lot of us, let’s throw together some links, from both here and the rest of the internet, that can help pass the time.
Anything from scientific studies to articles about random reptiles, videos of reptiles in nature to whole documentaries… anything useful at all.

The community will survive this and will be waiting with open arms (ok, maybe from a distance to start with) to get going again, let’s up our game to the next level, let’s get educated.

Here are a few to start this off:

Google Courses

Google’s Digital Garage
Google’s Developers Training
Google’s Analytics Course
Grow with Google

Google Scholar Studies

Google Scholar - Reptiles - General

Google Scholar - Snakes - General

Google Scholar - Lizards - General

Google Scholar - Spiders - General

Google Scholar - Ball Pythons - General

Reptile Documentories

David Attenborough - Life 2 - Reptiles and Amphibians

Life in Cold Blood

Nature - The Reptile: Snakes

Morphmarket Topics

Grow em bigger faster breed sooner

The Blue Ghost Project

Welcome to the Dark Side. Show your dark morphs

New Morph? The Wrecking Ball Project

Easy Foolproof Egg Setup

New owner with non feeding hatchling, troubleshooting 101

Morph Encyclopedia (In Progress) Part 2

Let’s discuss this month in videos

Reptile of the Month - March Submissions

Keeping busy during Covid-19 lockdown


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