YouTube channels

Hi guys.
Do any of you have YouTube channels?

I spend a lot of my day watching snake videos on YouTube but I’ve sort of stuck to the same few guys that I watch and I’d be more than happy to watch anyone new just for the fresh content. It would also be nice to put a character to the usernames on here.

Even if you don’t have a channel of your own, still chirp in with who your favourite YouTuber (reptile-wise) is and maybe even your favourite/ most educational video.

Who I currently watch:

Snake Discovery
Mutation Creation
Muscle Serpents University

Anyway, have a nice day/night depending where you are.


We have one (MotleyMorphs on youtube) that kind of just follows our lives in the reptile hobby with informational bits here and there.


i will get watching right away :slight_smile: thank you.

just to be sure, is this the right one?

yup thats the one!

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I like the pumpkin idea, its a fun bit of brain stimulation. Harley seemed to enjoy it :smiley:

JKR and BILLY are my go tos

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The thing i have noticed with Billy that really stands out is his cleanliness, while doing one thing with one hand he is wiping/dusting/cleaning with his other.
his enthusiasm gets me excited sometimes as if i was the one in his shoes.

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You should watch Brian Kusko
Luv him and what he stands for


I’ll definitely give him a watch. Thank you :grin:

Personally my favorite is Matt with Olympus reptiles. I haven’t seen anyone else that is completely transparent with their operation and show the good bad and ugly. Everyone makes the yay go me videos when they crush the odds on a clutch but since I want to have realistic expectations of what the hobby and business is really like I like someone that shares all their laying/hatching numbers, successes and failures and I’ve learned a lot.

That being said while he is the only guy I watch every single video for I love dabbling through many of the bigger channels mentioned above as well, so many years of knowledge and experience are really awesome to see.


I have one, I’m not gonna say it’s professional, but I tried. Just talking about the collection and the projects I’m working on.


Clint’s reptiles is one of my favs, but he doesn’t just cover snakes so idk if he can be counted as a snake youtuber. He is the reason I want to get a fire skink. :grinning:


In addition to some of the channels already mentioned I sometimes watch Dav Kaufman Reptile Adventures and Reptilian Garden but they are more reptiles as a whole channels rather than snake only ones.


Of course Ive thought about starting my own channel a few times but it would likely end up as a gaming channel with some random stuff mixed in.

He allways fun to watch


I’m a total addict of reptile youtube channels. Especially the ones with ball pythons, boa’s and morphs and then trying to guess the morphs before they tell them :grin:. I will just put the full list. A lot are already mentioned but maybe it’s easier to see the full list at once

Chris Hardwick (mainly ball pythons and retics)
Jason’s exotics ( boa’'s)
Brain Barczyk (who doesn’t know this one)
Brain Boas (boa’s)
Freedom breeder (ball pythons)
Renowned reptiles
Balls2u (mainly ball pythons, some other)
Dav kaufman ( reptiles)
New England reptiles ( NERD) ( reptiles)
Justin Kobylka (ball pythons)
Wickens Wicked reptiles ( reptiles)
Clint’s Reptiles ( reptiles)
Snake Discovery (different type snakes)
Predator BP (ball pythons)
Go Herping ( reptiles)
Muscle serpents university (mainly ball pythons, boa’s)
Olympus Reptiles ( ball pythons and venomous)
Mutation creations ( ball pythons)
The royal constrictor (ball pythons)
Cold blood creations (reptiles)
Ozzy boids ( ball pythons)
Urban constrictors ( ball pythons)
Morph mixology reptiles( ball pythons and boa’s)
Triple b tv ( is Brian Kusko but then on snakes not normal vlog)

This should give you some new channel’s to watch :grinning:. Some are more active than the others, some I like more than the others. But I leave it up to you which one you like more. Hope there are some for you here.


Here is our YouTube for anyone looking to find some more content to watch!!
We also just started a every Thursday night live and we had a ton of fun on the last one.


Loving the vids! been a subscriber to you guys for a few months now and love the stuff you put out! keep it up!

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Here’s my channel! Forgot to post it before I think. I don’t have a lot of videos on my channel since I’m still trying to figure all the video stuff out, but I’m gonna try posting more.


I watch Billy and Chris almost daily. Who else do you recommend?