Reptile Artwork!

Do we have any other artists here? I’d like to see some of ya’lls reptile art!

Here’s some of my recent art, all being various sticker designs.

image image image


Wow you are extremely talented! I absolutely love the work you put into it


Thank you! I’ve been drawing my whole life, and it’s something I enjoy doing. I do take art commissions as one of my side hustles for income. Though it usually goes towards my boyfriend and I eating takeout, sometimes towards reptile stuff if I can manage to save it :joy:

I think it’s a nifty skill to have as a future business owner, I can design my own merch and logos and whatnot :grin:


You have a really good talent. Your little cartoon snakes have always made me smile when they pop up on Instagram.

I’m a decent way into writing a fiction story and I draw pictures/sketches on my tablet to go with each chapter.
Obviously, my story has a snake in it (A sort of God thats sheer size creates mountains as it slithers… Yeah that’s the type of geek I am). I’ll try and post some later.

All the drawings I do on Autodesk Sketchbook… It’s basically a advanced MS paint but not quite Photoshop level and it’s free.

I also do random logo doodles just for fun :joy:

Here are a few I threw together for @betty_lou45
(Which reminds me, I don’t think I ever finished it :roll_eyes:)

Here’s one of @thecrawdfather logo I messed about with

I did these for @saleengrinch

… I’ll just call it a day at that before I fill this up with junk :joy:

I’d like to see @ashleyraeanne jewellery if she has any to show off yet :blush:


Ooh, neat! I do all of my work with Procreate, on my iPad Pro. I also have the gen 2 Apple Pencil to go with it :grin:
I used to use a Wacom Bamboo tablet when I first started dabbling with digital art, and mainly used Photoshop as well as PaintToolSAI on the computer.

Though I find with the iPad setup my art is cleaner and more accurate. That and Procreate has a lot of cool features, though it’s like $10 lol


Super cute artwork. I have zero talent when it comes to drawing anything, so i am always in aww of anyone who can. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You should try drawing snakes. Even if you just print out a outline from online, you can make whatever morph you can dream of…

Here is a outline I did incase anyone wants to give it a go…


I should have some made by the end of the month. I have a good amount of sheds that have been cleaned and viable sections for jewelry cut out. I hope my new black rat snake sheds soon. A roughly 5’6" (167cm) shed will give me a lot to work with lol.


Hey thanks brother it’s nice! I’m sadly quite lacking in this area. I will pay someone to fix it for me.


These all look awesome!! You have great talent :star_struck:
I just make a stick figure wanna jump off the page :joy: :running_woman: :running_woman: :running_woman:

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No worries. I believe that’s your first snake that I drew :joy:

Well it just so happens that I know someone that takes art commissions as one of their side hustles :wink:
:point_right:trnreptiles :point_left:


The lightsaber one… :joy: AWESOME!

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@eaglereptiles :joy: nice one

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I got my other batch of sticker designs in today, woo! Love the quality of these stickers :ok_hand:


I absolutely love all of them! i am lacking in the design department for a logo so maybe ill have to contact a certain someone to help me out :wink:


Since I have had to spend more on my snakes vet bills, it will be a while longer before I can gather all the supplies for the jewelry sadly. I will eventually have them though. Can’t wait until I do since it will help pay for all them juicy frozen rodents. :joy:


I just put in an order on the materials to make some pendants. I should have them by Monday so I should be able to get to making some pendants soon. (´・ᴗ・`) I am planning on letting people send me their sheds so I can make keepsakes for them too.


Here are the first 3 pendants. The two red ones are from my kingsnakes shed with the one on the left being the head. The center one is from Bellatrix my BP. Still working on perfecting the technique so I don’t have to get mod podge all over my hands. :joy:


Wow, those are really well done @ashleyraeanne! Very nice work, they look awesome.


I got 2 more done. The one on the left is from my rosy boa, and the one on the right is more from Bellatrix.