Becoming a reputable breeder

Hey all, just a quick question. I’ve bred other pets in the past and did quite well with it. I didn’t do it for profit just as a hobby. I just want to make sure and see if everything I’m doing is correct and to see if there is anything else to do.
Currently I keep track of every snake I have, I keep track of when they last ate, their weekly weights, humidity, temp, shed, what they ate as well. I don’t necessarily keep track of there pooping schedule just because they seem to poop frequently. These are pets first and breeding is only a hobby not my job so with that being said I still would like to have a great reputation for someone that breeds only quality snakes which is why I put forth so much effort in taking notes on them. Any suggestions? As far as note taking and keeping track of certain things? Also the app I have graphs their progress. Thanks in advance guys!


I think the biggest thing you can do to help yourself build a rep as a breeder is keep track of where your breeding stock is coming from, be easy to work with, communicate well, and deliver a good product.

Personally I think keeping detailed records shows you’re detail oriented, those are the types of breeders I want to work with but that won’t matter to everyone.


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Here are a few ideas…


Beyond that as far as being meticulous about producing quality I would say make sure you’re only investing in quality stock.

No “bargain bin” buys or CL rescues that just magically get turned into breeders but you have no idea where their line came from, etc. doesn’t mean every snake has to be a 7 gene banger straight from Justin or anything but if keeping detailed records matters to you then buy from other breeders that keep detailed records! Then you can pass on 2 or 3 generations of info to your customers that’s extra detail that can set you apart.


Appreciate all the feedback, like I said I’m doing it more so as a hobby. Just love all the different morps that are out there. I’m playing around and finding the ones I really like and I’m going to try to produce mostly what ones id like to keep. Obviously I would be selling some out of the clutches but definitely not looking at this as a business or anything right now. Thanks for all the input the snake community is definitely in great hands with people like yall!

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