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@nathan_e here is a example of how it’s going.

Morph Encyclopedia: #0007

Thomas Eagle - Eagle Reptiles


Image from Deborah Stewart at Stewart Reptiles

Quick Facts


Spider X Spider

Image from Matt Huck at OWAL Reptiles

Other images of Spiders:

|675.7218673598082x451Image from Brandon Holt at Mothership Reptiles

Image from Nathan_e

Multiple Gene Spiders:

Spinner Blast ( Spider Pinstripe Pastel)

Image from Deborah Stewart at Stewart Reptiles

Orange Dream Spider

Image from Deborah Stewart at Stewart Reptiles


The Spider Ball Python is a pattern and colouration altering morph that is credited by many as being one of the morphs that helped the hobby take off. The name Spider comes from the black “webbed” patterning between the “alien heads”.


The head of a Spider Ball Python is usually dominated by bold markings with a darker spot on its crown that makes them easily recognisable from their non-Spider siblings.

Image from Nathan_e

The black “puzzle” pattern along the body of the Spider Ball Python is heavily reduced, as is markings within the now enlarged and golden “alien heads”. Some Spider Ball Pythons exhibit large (high-white) sections of white scales whereas some show non (low-white) at all.

Image from Holly Jenkins

The Belly of the Spider Ball Python usually shows faded or patchy continuation of the black body markings, with spots varying between individual animals. Large contrast in colours can be seen along its edges, especially in high-white Spiders.

Image from Holly Jenkins

The tail of the Spider Ball Python is usually heavily ruled by mostly unbroken pattern that wraps from one side to the other.

|844.0782631327934x451Image from Frank Mennella at Ball Python Distributors

Known Issues:
Wobble: The Spider Ball Python (and other morphs) has a genetic disorder referred to in the hobby as a “wobble”. “Wobbles” can range from almost unnoticeable to worryingly severe on an individual basis and is one of the largest debated and controversial topics in the reptile world, with many experienced breeders and keepers on both sides of the debate. While all Spider Ball Pythons “wobble” to a degree, extreme cases are rare and most will live a normal life. “Wobbles” are often more noticeable during feeding and agitation and can be affected by stress and husbandry.
  • Videos:

Balls2u -

The main face of each page is now focused more on each morphs features, with most of the mumbojumbo moved to the “quick facts” dropdown section.

I need to add, crop and update some of the pictures for this page, but it gives you a general idea.


I love it! very clear on the morph and what it does to the pattern and such, i could definetly see many people using this such as myself. if you ever need any help i would definetly be happy to help!


@eaglereptiles Hey Thomas, I know you’ve been working super hard on this, but I was wondering if it would be possible to add Granite to the list of morphs? I am loving the information you’ve put together on the other stuff and am finding it super helpful!

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I’m sure he may have that in the works very soon :wink:


I hope so! It’s troublesome to figure out how to ID some of these morphs just because I don’t know how they behave. But it’s a super daunting task to go through line by line to put the information together for all of these morphs! :slight_smile:


Granite is actually in the works as we speak :wink:
@nathan_e and myself are working really hard on this and we hope to push out quite a few more in the next couple of weeks.

As soon as Granite is up we will tag you so that you don’t have to keep checking every day :+1: we will try and get that one done first for you :blush:.


That is so detailed, just what I need to learn more about IDing morphs. How can we access the pages? Will you write a book about morphs? Maybe an electronic book, I would love to have such a book or program.


We are still a long way off a finished product, but you can see what has been done so far higher up in the thread here .

Just click on the morph name and it should expand :blush:

Nope. It will stay here (in a new thread once complete), always accessable and free to use.
No need to pay a penny.

So if a new morph is discovered there will be no need to buy a total separate book.

All the images are from either this forum or Morphmarkets marketplace. :blush:


Thank you so much for doing this. LOL I have been looking at the pages and now I am shopping for Desert Ghost. :smile:


Have you thought about making this a physical book once it’s done?

As one person I’m just not knowledgeable enough.

In a physical book what is printed is forever… or at least until the next edition, where as here it is a “wiki” meaning everyone can add to/edit it (with accountability) and in a way crowd source the correct and reliable information.

This little pencil and paper is the wiki button, if you click it it should allow you to edit the pages.

It also makes it free. So anyone can make use of it at any time. :blush:


How about making the pages printable? Anyone who wants physical pages could print them and put them into a binder.

I guess as the images came from morphmarket, only @john could answer that question.

As there is a lot of interactive aspects of each page (collapsing sections, links to other pages, links to external sites …etc) it would take a bit of refining to get it to a printable product. not completely undoable, but quite a bit of effort still.

I uave never seen this thread before bud! I know i am biased but we need monarch and disco on that list man

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Veery slowly but surely getting there :snail: :wink:


Good man eagle


I found the original Garcia line chocolate in a pet store. I believe the Bells and perhaps others had established chocolate lines a few years before and to this day I still can’t say for sure if there are or are not differences between lines. However, if history or pictures of the Garcia line chocolates would be of any interest let me know.

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Thank you @rlremington, however I would like to take this opportunity to officially close the Morph Encyclopedia and announce its evolution into its next phase…


I’m not an expert at a species level, at least not anymore with the number of morphs now.


This topic, where the original was drafted, has been closed.
The now released is where this idea has evolved to include other species of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.

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