What’s Coming And MorphMarket NFS


In case you missed this in our newsletter, we have so many big projects in the works:

  • App with Notifications: After a few more improvements, we’ll be publishing the “beta app” which has been in use since last Spring to the Apple & Google Play stores. It will be able to send message notifications directly to you and your buyer’s device.
  • Redesign of core pages including ad, store, and index pages to bring a more modern and useful style.
  • A new help desk service which will provide better online help articles and FAQs to get answers for you faster and help us respond quicker as well.
  • Better support for regions of the world

But there is one more thing…

At MorphMarket , our goal is not just to provide the industry a platform to buy and sell, but software services which support the entire lifecycle of breeding. This includes not just your animals that are For Sale but also those Not For Sale (NFS), including breeders, holdbacks, and pets.

To begin, we are completely overhauling our inventory system with a professional design that you’ll love. This will make it far easier to add and manage your animals. In addition, we’re adding a dashboard so you can more easily monitor your data.

Following, we will be adding many new features to help you track, plan, breed, and market your animals and brand. This includes:

  • Showcasing not-for-sale breeding animals and holdbacks to the public
  • Tracking offspring history, lineage and related stats for your whole collection
  • Planning breeding projects based on a data-driven analysis of the industry and your collection
  • Notifying subscribers of breeding events and upcoming offspring
  • Quickly converting litters and clutches to ads

Informally, we are referring to this collection of services that go beyond sales as “MorphMarket NFS”.

Which of these features are you most excited about?


OMG this is huge! This is awesome!! I love it! :smiley:


That’s so amazing, I can’t wait to see it


Omg I’m so excited :laughing::heart:


This is exciting! I’d love to have an organized place to show off my collection.

I could see using it at shows as well, having some sort of QR code people can scan to see what my collection looks like and what upcoming projects I have planned, or if I have offspring I’m selling at the show, a QR code they can scan to see in-depth info on the parents of said offspring and see more information on the clutch itself.


OMG how did I miss this thread!

I so can’t wait :grin: this is going to be amazing.

I know you say it’s too support the lifecycle of breeding & selling etc.

Will it include things that won’t be shared to the public like food & weight tracker, successful ratios of clutches etc?


Wow this sounds awesome! I love tracking lineage and offspring so that’s what I’m looking forward to.


Yep. Might be a totally different thing but will it also track things like misting/feeding schedule?


I love this :heart_eyes:. Can’t wait for these things to be added.


There’s been a couple posts in the past about this, but I recently got an email advertising a new app. Not sure where they got my email from, but it’s on here, FB, IG, etc. so I assume it was from one of those sources.

A friend of mine had recommended ExotiKeeper awhile back, but they are Android only last I checked. In some of the recent posts I was reading it seems there’s actually a lot more available for iOS now.

Basically here’s what I’m looking for and I’m hoping you all can suggest an app that might work rather than me just writing everything down on notecards like a heathen.

-Obviously needs to be iOS compatible
-I don’t mind paying for an app, but I’d prefer a 1 time payment rather than recurring
-Scannable QR codes I can attach to enclosures
-Tracking many different species (I have snakes, geckos and tarantulas)
-Ability to track breeding information
-Push notification reminders

Thanks in advance!


ReptileScan is what I use… works with iOS and has a website also for when you want to add reptiles, creates the QR code and allows you to print off multiple at one time. I don’t believe it has notifications though, maybe it does. I have 160 snakes and I only feed once a week so I don’t do them if they are there.

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Husbandry pro is an option as well. Not sure what all species and everything they offer to track now because they’ve added a lot since the beginning but I tried the free trial and it worked well I just didn’t need another subscription at the moment

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I hope you guys are ready :yum: MorphMarket NFS is just around the corner.



I can’t wait for this!!!


Any idea of a rough estimate when this will be released? I’m really looking forward to this.


I can’t wait :grin:


I’d love to be able to but as I’ve learnt in the past, setting estimated deadlines causes the bugs to come out of the closet :sweat_smile:


Will there be a trial of it before it launches?


I’ve actually been needing this lately. Does it have push notifications? CAN’T WAIT


Likely for a small group of Beta testers for a short while before it drops.

This will be integrated into MorphMarket, which we are working on Push notifications for… so extremely likely.

Breeders will also be able to showcase their entire collections, not just what they have for sale.

What is everyone’s favourite features of their current software/system?

What do you wish it had?

What do you wish was easier?

Throw out some wild ideas guys! We might not get them added in the initial release but this will be a ever growing project, so we appreciate any feedback.